Pulling the Strings of Change

NexBank is a financial institution that has for years provided its clients with services ranging from commercial banking to mortgage banking as well as services meant to uplift organizations. Since its inception, the institution has been providing all its customers with customized products and services, thus encouraging client satisfaction. However, NexBank would not have done all the above without the wisdom and insight from John Holt, its current President, and CEO. It is only recently that John Holt happened to be a top panelist at the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference, a platform used to discuss companies’ perspectives on the role that innovation plays in form and function.


So far, NexBank has opened three more branches in Dallas, Texas; a move meant to attract more clients. For the eighty-three years that NexBank has been in existence, it has accumulated more than $5.3 billion in assets. Also, NexBank has developed a capacity much able to cater for the demand for financial services in Dallas, Texas. Over time, the commercial facility has grown to become the 13th largest bank in the entire Texas region. Nationally, NexBank ranks at position 200, a testament that the institution has gone from one glory to the other. Above all, NexBank has offered employment to some 86 individuals, thanks to its substantial growth.


Over the years, NexBank has provided financial support to growing businesses by way of loans and grants. To this end, NexBank has indirectly contributed to the growth and development of Texas as a region. Besides, the corporation has partnered with real estate developers to help build the State of Texas for economic and social prosperity. Therefore, NexBank has caused a significant impact to the Texan Community, doing all within its power to transform the state of the economy in the region. NexBank has for more than eight decades made a dedication to offering top of the class services to all its customers. With the kind of leadership that is rare to find, NexBank continues to thrive to date. It is therefore apparent that NexBank is the next big thing in Texas, offering opportunities for both individuals and companies to prosper.

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