Gary McGaghy is a respected figure in the finance discipline. He is an experienced CFO with experience gained from the service of many international corporations and companies, with the most recent one being Williams Tea Lag. Gary shares his wealth of experience-based knowledge on different platforms. His writings aim to educate CFOs on the best practices and what to anticipate in the field as time goes by.

Gary wades into the dynamic tax landscape of changing financial times and warns of the hardships that could be experienced by CFOs as the year 2021 enters its final quarter. The CFOs will need to come up with completing policies to prepare their companies for the coming wave. Still, the uncertainties around business and tensions in Washington might make the process more difficult, according to Gary. Learn more:

Gary McGaghy highlights the activities going on in the congress, such as tax regulations and expected shifts in foreign tax policies, among others, as being the reasons why businesses have tax regulatory updates as key parts of their strategy conversations. CFOs must prepare for the uncertainty these changes will bring and know-how they will cushion their companies against possible downsides that the changes will bring.

As part of the way forward through the new tax landscape, Gary recommends that CFOs consider collaborative action with tax leaders to use these changes to spur the growth of their companies.

Gary, through his experiences, intimates that the year 2021 could have various implications in the careers and roles of CFOs. He says that there will be six crucial agendas on the list of every CFO that could define the year 2021 for the current day CFO. The agendas in question include;

  • Taxes risk and regulation
  • Future of work
  • Digital transformation
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Purpose and ESG
  • Return to growth