A Louisiana-based alternative energy company that upgrades homes to use solar power and reduce utility bills says customers can save even more money after they upgrade with a solar unit by taking just a few more easy steps. PosiGen has issued a number of DIY tips that just about anyone can get started on right away to make their homes more efficient and capable of saving dollars on electricity costs (Apnews).

The first tip is to simply make an effort to keep shades and curtains closed during sunny summer days to keep out the sun. and make interiors cooler with no energy. This will have the effect of helping the house stay cooler during the day. A second super-easy step is to replace every old-fashioned light bulb in the house with an LED bulb. The latter may cost more than traditional bulbs, but the energy savings will more than make up for the price difference. Also, the old incandescent bulbs give off a lot of heat. Replacing them helps keep the house cooler. PosiGen CEO alongside energy specialists also say that sealing cracks, leaks, gaps around window frames, door frames and other possible locations, such as ceiling light fixtures, will trap the cool air inside in the summer and keep warm air inside in the winter. Hand-in-hand with crack sealing is upgrading a home’s insulation. The latter can save an enormous amount of money on energy usage and bills. 

Another suggestion from PosiGen CEO is to check all the implements in your home that use an air filter. This usually means the furnace but can also be cooling units. Cleaning filters, or better yet, replacing them will make your devices operate much more efficiently. Many homes are fitted with ceiling fans, but it’s amazing how many people don’t realize they can either blow air down or draw air upwards. Ceiling fans come with switches to make them do one or the other. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart points out that the fan should turn clockwise in the winter and counterclockwise in the summer. PosiGen was founded in 2011 and has since fitted more than 14,000 homes with solar energy systems that save homeowners money while also reducing greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

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