How To Pick Good Wine At Your Local Grocery Store

Wine. It’s popular, it’s trendy, and it’s something a lot of people love. It’s also easier to buy at your local grocery store than you think. Skip the specialty stops and liquor stores, instead, grab a bottle that will tickle your taste buds while you’re grabbing your groceries for the week.

While it is always preferable to head to a wine specialty store, often it’s out of the way, an extra stop in a rushed day, or for some, not even located in your local area. That’s ok though, there are ways to find a delightful bottle while you grab your grocers. First, focus on what you know and love when you drink wine. This isn’t the time to be experimenting with new tastes, stick with what you know you love. If you are always a red wine drinker, this isn’t the time to decide to change to white.

Find wines that come from regions you recognize. If you like wines from a specific area of Sicily or California, find a wine that comes from the same region even if you aren’t familiar with the brand. Generally, regions have regulations posed on the winemakers in the area, this means that something made in the same region as what you really love will have amore familiar flavor.

Know the difference in climates and how they affect flavor. Wine made in a warmer climate is often sweeter and fruitier while that made in a cooler area is often more acidic and tart. This means that wine produced in hot California will have a drastically different taste that wines produced in Oregon where the temps are often cooler with more moisture.

Check the Alcohol by Volume. It’s on every bottle and it gives you a great indication about the wine inside. The higher the Alcohol by Volume the richer the wine. So those who like a stouter and bolder flavor should always choose a wine with a higher volume.

If you are new to choosing wines, don’t worry. You’ll find a great article that outlines the different types of wines and what they generally taste like here. Worst case scenario, you can always add something to help perk up the flavor of a bad wine. For white wines add sparkling water, citrus, sprite, something in that area to tone down the bitterness and add a perk. For red wines, add some Coca-Cola to give it new life.


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