Paul Mampilly: A Different Dimension in Wealth Growing and Investments

Any reader of Paul Mampilly’s publishing can attest to the fact that he is not concerned about investing money in them but rather emphasizes on the purchase of stocks from individual brokerage accounts. With this unique approach, investors have the advantage of having a financial advisor and equally evading interference in their personal investment stocks. Paul’s Open Investment platform has seen stocks registering an impressive margin of 18 to 38% profits. In this platform, there are 13 positions, 11 of which include sizable profits. One grateful subscriber acknowledges Paul’s system which outstandingly worked for him to realize a profit of up to $45,190.

Paul’s Profits Unlimited has attained a remarkable number of 60,000 subscribers, a six-fold of what a thriving platform could manage. During his two-decade service at Wall Street, he managed to drag a good number of his clients to his publications. Among these includes the Deutsche Bank, Kinetics International, and ING. During a Templeton Foundation sponsored competition, he was able to attain a massive gain of a $33 million profit, better still happening at a period of financial crisis.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a renowned business mogul famed for his witty tongue when it comes to financial coaching. Paul has hit a record of over 25 years as a businessman, starting at a young age just as he relocated from India. He kick-started his financial career in 1991, working at the Deutsche Bank in. Mampilly has also had experience as a hedge fund overseer bagging home numerous awards. Paul has also had the privilege of being featured in several distinguished television broadcasts like the CNBC & Bloomberg TV among other networks. Being a founder of Profits Unlimited, Paul has channeled his career to giving worthwhile guidance and tips with regards to stocks investments, and contact him.

Paul Mampilly is a holder of a BBA in Finance and Accounting from Montclair State University. He is also a distinguished alumnus of Fordham Graduate School of Business where he equally graduated with an MBA in finance. Despite starting his career from a low level, Paul gradually rose through the ranks into prominent positions, managing multimillion-dollar accounts. In 2006, he got the coveted opportunity to manage the Kinetics Asset Management (a $6 billion firm) hedge fund. During his tenure, the firm saw its assets grow to $25 billion, having annual returns of 26% and consequently securing a position as the world’s best hedge fund. Paul moved to Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 where he serves till date as a senior editor.

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