Andrew Rolfe and the Game Changing Ubuntu Model

The Ubuntu Education Fund is a charity/non-profit that is focused on helping the impoverished and vulnerable children of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. These children deserve a shot at a full life and the team at Ubuntu have been trying to make it happen. Jacob Lief is the founding executive at the Ubuntu Education Fund but it has been his work with chairman like Andrew Rolfe that has made it all happen. Despite the success of the Ubuntu Fund, the team behind the scenes know that they could be doing better. This is what has led to a reformation in how the non-profit is working and that brings us to the topic of our discussion: the Ubuntu Model.


Running a non-profit can be hard, especially when you look at all of the red tape that comes with working around wealthy benefactors. Donors like to make sure that their money gets spent in a specific way even if it comes at a cost to the non-profit. This earmarking of funds can hamstring a foundation and that is why Jacob Lief and Andrew Rolfe knew that they needed to find a way to change things up. The Ubuntu Model seeks to revolutionize the way non-profits interact with their wealthy benefactors.


The big change that the Ubuntu Model is bringing comes by way of how they select their donors. It is a strange concept for a charity to decline donations but it actually has some science behind it. The Ubuntu Model, as Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief noted, focuses on accepting donations only from high net worth individuals and family foundations who can afford to donate without any strings attached. These donors know how important it is for a non-profit to have ultimate flexibility and this is the focus that Andrew Rolfe is pursuing.


Andrew Rolfe himself has been stepping up in a big way for the Ubuntu Fund. Since 2011 he alone has donated over $100,000 to the charity. He’s focused on giving the impoverished a better chance at life and we have to applaud him for his hard work with the Ubuntu Model.



Four lucky young “grillers” will appear on Food Network’s Kid’s BBQ Championship for a chance to win $10,000. This relatively new Food Network show features the cooking talents of junior chefs and highlights their ability to create delicious predesignated dishes under pressure. The show begins the second season premiering on Monday, May 19th 7:00 central time.

In each episode, four kids attempt to dazzle the judges with new and tantalizing entrees. These pint-size chefs are tasked with creating a specified dish to demonstrate their culinary barbecue flare. The show is hosted by Damaris Phillips and Eddie Jackson. They each are champions in their own right. Each are previous winners of the Food Network Star and host another show on Food Network. Damaris Phillips hosts the Food Network show Southern at Heart. Eddie Jackson hosts BBQ Blitz. Each episode also features a guest host that has a specific expertise that matches that particular cooking task. No episode is ever the same. The viewer is given a fresh experience with the new faces of different contestants each week as well as the enticing cooking topics and an ever-changing guest host.

In Season one, episodes ran the gamete of dish categories challenges. The junior contestants were asked to make the perfect luau pork dish with a complimentary tropical fruit side. In another episode, these young chefs were asked to make an on-the-go food which you might see offered at a State Fair. Among some of the most stand out episodes was the Cowboy Campfire in which the young culinary artist were tasked with making big hearty breakfasts to include huge beef steaks which would equal the size of your head. For a sneak peak, check out Season 1 highlights:

The line up of episodes for Season 2 include mouth-watering topics like the Red, White and BBQ – official season opener where contestants feature patriotic dishes. Season 2, Episode 2 is entitled Bacon, Ribs and Roasts. The title says it all. This is a challenge for the four new kid grill masters which is all about the best barbecue methods in cooking pig. Episode 3 challenges yet another new group of junior barbecue chefs to tackle the spicy and tempting flavors in the Tex Mex Showdown.

Sam Tabar: New Year New You With These Investment Tips

Art Station believes that Sam Tabar is a legal representative with wealth of experience in the business platform. He is a professional based in the United States. For over two decades of professional experience in managing and directing large corporations, he is one of the most suitable people to advice on how to develop working New Year resolutions. For him, he is delighted at becoming part of the solution to your New Year resolution problems.

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According to a recent study by the Fidelity Investments Company, more than 50 percent of people who write don their New Year resolutions never follow them after the festive season is over. For this reason, they end up working towards sustaining their daily lives with uncertainties.

The same research also reveals that more than 50 percent of people who write down their New Year resolutions want to reduce their consumption costs during the New Year. However, most of these people fail to achieve the desires of their hearts because they never engage in making informed decisions.

Sam Tabar has also revealed the top investment tips in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. According to him, many people want to conduct business in the risky currency and commodity trading.

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According to him, these investment risks are not worth for those who want to make profits. If you are a trader in this platform, you can develop fast working capital in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.

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How Andrew Rolfe’s Ubuntu Fund is Changing Lives

It can be a difficult thing running a non profit. Non profits have to reside in both sides of the business world: they are in charge of all the problems that a normal business while also having to deal with benefactors, donations, and all of the red tape that comes with it. Jacob Lief founded the Ubuntu Education Fund in order to aid vulnerable children in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. His noble goal was to bring money into the region in order to get education to these children, thus improving their life. Lief has done a lot of great work in the region but there is still more to do.


While speaking at the World Economic Forum, one of the many jobs that Lief has with the foundation, he came to a startling and unsettling realization. Despite making a ton of money for the foundation most of it wasn’t getting to where it needed to go. Lief said, “It was nonsense. The money was flowing in but we weren’t changing people’s lives.” Lief realized what every non profit will eventually realize: their donations came with strings attached and those strings were stopping the Ubuntu Fund from doing what needed to be done. So, Lief decided to go back to the board which is led by Andrew Rolfe. He had an idea.


The resulting idea is, of course, the Ubuntu Model of donation collection. Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the Ubuntu team decided to start limiting where they acquired their donations from. Lief said, “We now go for high net-worth individuals or family foundations who understand that highly restricted funding isn’t worth our time.” Lief’s point was a great one and it would turn out to be a game changer not just for him and Andrew Rolfe — but the rest of the team at Ubuntu.


The result of this model change was nearly instantaneous. The Ubuntu Fund began limiting donations to just high end individuals who were willing to forego extensive regulation. The Ubuntu Education Fund began to raise money that was going where it needed to go and suddenly more children were being helped in South Africa. Needless to say, Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the team were ecstatic.


Clear Coffee? Has The World Stopped Turning?

Two brothers, originating from Slovakia, have started a London based business making something, that to a coffee drinker, sounds blasphemous. Named “CLR CFF”, this brew is supposed to be a clear, cold brew made from Arabica beans and pure water, as opposed to non pure water and regular coffee beans.


The brothers, Adam and David Nagy hold their formulation close to the vest, but say their brew doesn’t contain any extra flavoring, sugar, artificial sweeteners, or stabilizers. What is added to the clear brew is, what they call a “natural, high quality” caffeine to replace the caffeine that is lost in the process of distilling the coffee.


David and Adam, the men who formulated this coffee, stated that one of their main reasons for brewing a clear coffee is the lack of teeth staining properties that’s found in traditional coffee. Detractors of this coffee brew have stated that it tastes like water with a hint of coffee, or that water was poured over day old coffee grounds and then bottled. At the moment, CLR CFF is found in the UK at Selfridge’s, Whole Foods and at the CLR CFF’s online store for now.


My take is this: I understand that people feel the need to make things better, less calories, more flavor, but why mess with the dark goodness that is coffee? I have seen both sides of the coffee fence. I was a “late to the game” coffee drinker, and I spent time finding my favorite morning brew. When a coffee drinker knows what coffee tastes like, whether they like a light or dark roast, drinking a watered down version would seem underwhelming. Of course people are encouraged to judge this new brew for themselves, but as for me and my coffee, I wouldn’t change a dark brown thing. Oh! And for the teeth staining properties, I brush several times daily and have not had a brown tooth yet.


To read more about CLR CFF and the brothers who devised the clear coffee phenomenon, please click here and judge for yourself. Who knows, it may be something to love.


Top 5 Most Common Orthopedic Surgeries with Greg Finch

Orthopedic Surgeries, or more commonly known as Orthopedics, are medical procedures that aim to find solutions to problems with the musculoskeletal system, where physicians seek to treat traumas, injuries, diseases (for example spine diseases), and, more recently, degenerative diseases.


Greg Finch is a renowned surgeon in Australia, and he knows a lot about the most common therapies, as he has done all of them.


Currently, in the Private Hospital of Sunshine Coast, Greg Finch was formed at Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.


With specialization in spine surgery, Greg Finch has experience in the area in more than seven associations and hospitals as a spine surgeon, and he has helped the team analyze the top 5 most common orthopedic surgeries:


ACL Reconstruction


ACL stands for “Anterior Cruciate Ligament,” and it is a crucial ligament of the knee joint that needs to be in perfect conditions for humans to walk, stand or even sit properly without feeling pain.


The rupture of this ligament is a common issue among young people that participate in extensive physical activities, but it is also a traditional surgery for people at an older age that have their knees worn out.


Bone fracture repairing


Extremely common surgery with the youth and athletes, bone fracture, is very common, and sometimes standard procedures won’t be enough in bone fractures that are too deep and, well, fractured.


Here, the pieces of bone that have been lost are replaced by metal parts or plastic to restore the movement of the member.


Total or Partial Joint Replacement Surgery


This is one of the most frequent replacement surgeries in the musculoskeletal system, but it is not by any means a simple step-by-step. Doctors have to replace damaged parts of joints found across the body with metal, plastic or some other material to restore the movement and the functions of that member.


Not doing a replacement procedure can cause severe pain and arthritis because of the damaged joint and the motion of the member that is not following the exact movement arch successfully.


Total or Partial Shoulder Replacement Surgery


The Total Shoulder Replacement is radically different than the other joint replacements mainly because of the amount of pressure that humans apply to their shoulder joints.


Over time, the bones of the area and the joints can become extensively tired and damaged which might require a replacement surgery. Although it may sound unnecessary, it is one of the most common procedures because the pain in the shoulder and neck areas is such a common problem among patients.


Spine Surgery


Greg Finch’s specialization, patients often come with pain in the back that they have profoundly tried to treat with therapies, but the spine is heavily damaged and dislocated, something that a yoga class can’t easily fix.


Although many health issues may lead to the necessity of a spine surgery, pain is the most common reason. There is the lumbar decompression, which is used to relieve pain from nerve root pinching, lumbar fusion, which decreases pain in the lower back in a vertebrae segment that is causing issues, cervical spine surgery, which treats pain in the neck, and the extensive list goes on.

Top Restaurants To Visit As You Travel The Eastern Seaboard

Travel along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States increases every Spring. For many, the highlight of travel time is the potential stops for food. Though fast food just off the interstate is the most convenient, a little extra drive time to experience the finest that the Atlantic Coast has to offer makes any trip more memorable.


South Florida is often referred to as the Sixth Borough since most of its seasonal residents are from New York. For that reason, it makes sense to start our trip with breakfast as you make your escape from the Big Apple. Just before you hit the long drive on Interstate 95, make a stop at Jersey Cities Brownstone Diner & Pancake Factory. Their inviting website states, “The Brownstone Diner & Pancake Factory relentlessly seeks to redefine the diner experience of the past, while maintaining the comforting mystique that only an old-fashioned diner can provide.” And their menu is proof of their relentless effort. As its name implies, pancakes are the main attraction. With nearly thirty choices, there is something for everyone. And the rest of the breakfast offerings is equally impressive. Breakfast staples, pancake wraps, breakfast sandwiches, and a variety of French Toast options make Brownstone’s a must to start your long journey.


Depending on traffic and how fast you drive, your best lunch options will be anywhere from Philadelphia to Richmond. This creates a lot of options. Your best bets just off the Interstate are Philadelphia’s High Street On Market, Baltimore’s Di Pasquale’s Italian Marketplace & Deli, and Washington D.C.’s Mission BBQ. Each one has its own unique approach to food preparation and service. Di Pasquale’s boasts authentic, rustic Italian fare from a 100 year old family operation. High Street features fresh baked hearth baked breads, while Mission BBQ serves the best BBQ from across the US and gives back to serve military and law enforcement.


Continue driving south on 95 and you will enter the Coastal Carolinas. A stop in Florence, South Carolina is not complete without a meal at Red Bone Alley. The menu selections combine southern favorites with a creative blend of cultures of coastal South Carolina.


Though most know for peaches and peanuts, Georgia is home to some to the finest seafood fare in the US. The historic coastal town of Savannah is just minutes off of 95 and will be one of your most memorable stops on your journey to the tropics. Among the best Savannah has to offer is Love’s Seafood and Steaks. Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, Love’s proves to be a memorable dining experience with each visit.


Start making your travel plans now and remember to plan each meal well. You won’t regret it.

Eat Your Way to Glowing Skin and Better Health With Carrots and Sweet Potatoes

What do glowing skin, sharp vision, and good health all have in common? One power-packed antioxidant known as vitamin A. This essential nutrient cuts down on inflammation while strengthening your immune system Also known as beta carotene, it allows your body to function at its best.


Vitamin A is the most potent when consumed in its natural state and is found in the highest concentrations in carrots and sweet potatoes. While they taste good on their own, you can only eat so much of the same thing before it gets monotonous.


Luckily, there are many carrot and sweet potato recipes that can keep your taste buds interested while providing you with hardcore nutrition. Here are just a few ideas.


Sweet Potatoes


Most of us love to incorporate toast into brunches or as appetizers but may want to opt for a gluten free option. This is where sweet potatoes come to the rescue. Instead of bread, replace it with a sweet potato.


It is relatively easy to do. Cut up two sweet potatoes into half inch sections, drizzle with some oil and salt, and bake them in the oven for fifteen minutes at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, throw on some toppings, and enjoy the savory snacks. If you are unsure what to top them with, check out these recipes.




These delicious vegetables are often overlooked, overcooked, and poorly seasoned making them the less popular choice of the two. When done right carrots become the superstars of the dinner plate.


Instead of boiling carrots slices, try steaming the whole vegetable. This method locks in more flavor and nutrients. Top it with a vinaigrette like in this recipe to create a savory side.


Using a vegetable peeler, you can slice the carrot into thin strips. Jazz it up with feta cheese and lime, and this can become a focal point in your meal replacing the everyday salad.


Let yourself get creative and experiment with these vegetables. You will find the possibilities are endless. Aromatic and versatile, carrots and sweet potatoes are a flavorful way to get your daily dose of vitamin A.


Anthony Toma Founded Nine9 to Help the 99 Percent Succeed

Anthony Toma is creating a revolution in the entertainment industry. He is CEO of Nine9, which is the one and only UnAgency in the entertainment business. He has years of experience in many industries. He works with the top players in the entertainment industry, and his goal is to let people with talent achieve their goals.

How did he get into the entertainment industry? It started with a franchise that he purchased in the grocery industry, which was related to entertainment. From there, he went on to start his own company. He has a unique way of bringing ideas to reality: He writes them down, and then takes them to his team and asks them to find holes and problems in the plans. This way, he can easily find solutions to those problems. One of the things that makes him productive is listening to other people and their ideas, as well as always thinking about the future and how things will play out then.

So what is Nine9 and where did it get its name from? Well, Nine9 represents the ninety nine percent of actors and models who are not represented by any agency. Nine9 is the ultimate UnAgency where these models can get the tools and support they need to achieve their career goals.

Unlike an agency where they will tell ninety nine percent of models “no,” Nine9 gives everyone an opportunity to be what they want. They have extensive contacts in the industry, and they are recognized for helping castings out. They have connections and help place models and actors with castings all over the country and learn more about nine9.

Their software will match you with the best possible castings, and they never charge commissions. You will get real time access to auditions all over the nation. Whether it’s television, movies, promotions, print, music, etc, you will find an audition with them and Nine9 of website.

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Hershey Campaign Features Flavors of America

When one thinks of Hershey, the thought of rich, unforgettable chocolate immediately comes to mind. Whether the name conjures up images of a Hershey Chocolate Bar or a Chocolate Themed Amusement Park, the nostalgia of the moment is as sweet as a bite into a Hershey Kiss. From its humble beginnings to its reigning chocolate empire, Hershey is a part of the American fabric.


In it’s latest round of delicious creations, Hershey is celebrating her place in Americana. The new “Flavors of America” collection features our favorite chocolates with a unique twist of flavor that represents many of our favorite summer destinations. The candies represented in the “Flavors of America” creations include Hershey Bar, Hershey Kisses, Twizzler, Kit Kat, PayDay and Reese’s. Each favorite maintains its individual candy character but transported to new summer destinations with the addition of unique flavor combinations.


Everything is big in Texas, so it is only fitting that one of Hershey’s biggest sellers, PayDay, features a Texas BBQ flavor boost. The salty sweet taste of PayDay is the perfect palette on which to paint the flavor of real Texas BBQ.


Equally flavorful is the California contribution of lush ripe strawberries to the crispy crunch of our favorite Kit Kat bar. And if California is not quite tropical enough for your taste buds, give Hawaii inspired Coconut Almond Hershey Kisses a try. Your perfect beach destination is packed into one bite of these to tropically inspired delights.


If city life is more to your tastes, then Hershey’s Cherry Cheesecake Bar is the perfect compliment to your imagined hot summer day in the big apple. And if a laid back, Florida summer is on your itinerary, then you do not want to miss the Key Lime Pie and Orange Cream Pop flavored Twizzlers. The iconic flavors of the Sunshine Start are packed in these favorite whips. And on your way to Florida, be sure to check out the best that Georgia has to offer in its Honey Roasted Flavored Peanut Butter Cups.


Your summer is not complete without the Flavors of America Collection, available now while supplies last.