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Banyan Hill Publishing is a company that gives their readers advice on investments. This website allows its readers to focus on investment opportunities to make money and to create a secure retirement. Banyan Hill Publishing was founded in 1998 and it was called The Sovereign Society, but was rebranded as Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. The rebranding happened because they wanted their focus to be on actionable advice. The whole idea of their website is to make sure that people are financially secure with minimal risks. Visit to know more.

The site’s name, Banyan Hill Publishing, has an interesting background. “Banyan” is actually the name of a tree that possesses the world’s largest canopy. Once its branches start to grow and lean outward they start to sprout additional trunks that eventually reach the ground and become fixed to create additional trunks. These additional trunks make it easier for the tree to withstand natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. So the idea behind Banyan Hill Publishing’s name is symbolic of the sense of security that is felt by all their readers.

Banyan Hill Publishing is not about the cookie cutter advice that you always get from Wall Street. They recognize that business and business practices are not one-size-fits-all. They give you information that is tailored to you. They are able to do this because of their team of highly trained experts who know the business inside and out. Visit the website to learn more.

Jeff Yastine has the role of senior editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. Mampilly has proven himself to be one of the most achieved when it comes to investment. He was sponsored by the Templeton Foundation where he was able to take a $50 million dollar investment and turn it into $88 million dollars. This was a 76% return. He has had many roles, such as with Deutsche Bank, where his role was to manage millions of dollars. He has been interviewed on many TV stations such as CNBC, Fox, Business News, and Bloomberg TV. Paul’s Focus is to help people get a 100% return gain.

Another editor who has left his mark on Banyan Hill Publishing is Matt Badiali. He has been all over the world as a specialist in resource-based Investments. Badiali says, “It is impossible to discover what is really going on without sizing up the situation yourself”. It is Badiali’s strong belief that a person should go and check out things for themselves and not just look at it on paper. Trained as a geologist, Matt Badiali is able to spot red flags in different locations that are best found in person. Matt badiali has acquired a bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and he also has a master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He was even a professor at Duke University and the University of North Carolina for a number of years.


Ian King’s Amazing Breakthrough to the Top Cryptocurrency Expert

Profoundly, the Biblical Book of Zechariah states, “do not despise small beginnings.”


Who is Ian King?

Contemporary, financial markets guru, Ian King, who has been featured in such well-known media, as Fox Business News, Investopedia, Seeking Alpha, and Zero Hedge—is currently the senior analyst in Banyan Hill Publishing. However, King’s present-day reputation did not emerge overnight. Visit Banyan Hill to know more about Ian King.

Subsequent to graduating with a BS in Psychology from Lafayette College, Ian King began his career as a desk clerk for Salomon Brothers, in their bond-trading department; after which, he worked for Citigroup and Peahi Capital, respectively.


An Author, A Financial Analyst, An Financial Advisor, and A Psychologist

King’s tenure at Banyan Hill Publishing, where he also heads up Banyan’s, Crypto Profit Trader, a weekly, advisory publication to which he is the contributing editor, began last year in 2017. In addition, King contributes original content to the Sovereign Investor Daily, another Banyan Hill publication, in which his work helps guide investors through the maze of cryptocurrency markets.


Remarkably, the daily, unwavering focus Mr. Ian King allots to investigative research as a financial market analyst, spotting successful crypto trends, is predicated upon his own crypto trading strategy, called PAT (Problem Analysis; Asset Supply Schedule; Technicals).


Furthermore, King marries his PAT strategy with a determined purpose to discern who, what, and how of his customer base. He locates his customer, uncovers their investment goals, and devises unique means to deliver value to that customer(s). Follow Ian on Twitter.


Complexities of Cryptocurrency Trends and the Market

Indeed, this particular, investment phenomenon is not easy to navigate without professional help because there is a variety of exchanges, assets, and storage methods to consider—not to mention that at the first of this year (2018) there were forty-one blockchain projects worth more than one billion dollars. One year ago at the same time (2017), there was one blockchain project, and it was called bitcoin.


In a recent article posted on, King was asked about his recommendation regarding the use of software, and he replied, “in the crypto markets, I could not live without He went on to say that, “the platform allows investors to chart hundreds of cryptocurrencies, as well as write scripts to filter out momentum ideas. It is one of the main tools I use,” he said.


More than Enough to Go Around

As the cryptocurrency market continues to develop, there are more cryptocurrencies (altcoins) being offered through ICOs every day, and the temptation to grab one and jump on board is great; however, way more of them crash and burn than succeed. This is where Ian King comes to the rescue. He is positioned to convey information, regarding the flourishing cryptocurrency market, which enables investors to make successful investment decisions—something, it has been said that he thoroughly enjoys doing.


Avaaz Creates Change the People Can See

There are many injustices in the world that tend to go unnoticed until someone makes a decision to put their voice in action. This is where an organization like Avaaz comes in place. This is the company that has made it possible for more people to see progress when it comes to fighting for a plethora of different causes.

When it comes to things like helping refugees that may be fleeing war-torn countries there are organizations like Avaaz that have come to their aid. When the government seems to turn away those that are in need of assistance during these crucial times in their lives it is Avaaz that has been able to help all of those that are in need. This is just one of the many things that this organization has become known for over the years.

Avaaz is the type of company that has also helps ban bombs in schools in Yemen. Avaaz also helped find justice for women that have survived sex slavery. There are so many issues that are never even reported in television news coverage, but many of these things are going on all over the world every day. People that want to know what they can do to help will find direction when they get plugged into what Avaaz is doing.

There are more than 47 millions members in the Avaaz organization. This organizations works in close to 200 nations and there have been more than 2700 campaigns. It is obvious that this organization is making it possible for people to get their voices heard. There are times when someone needs to be campaigning for things like saving bees from killer pesticides. This is something that is near and dear to the Avaaz members so things like this do not go unnoticed. This is a group that believes that there should be someone in place to campaign against this. This group has also helped take down a corruption king like President Eduardo Cunha in Brazil. These are milestones in Avaaz victories that prove that this is a company that is to making a difference globally.

Matthew Autterson Helps Handle Issues As The CEO

When Matthew Autterson took on the CEO position at CNS Bioscience, he knew there were things he’d have to do to make the company better. He prepared for all these things by learning everything he could about the business. He also tried to learn about the diseases CNS Bioscience was working to treat. Since he spent so much time showing people how he could do things and how the business would be better because of him, he felt good about the options he had when he took on the business. It helped him make things easier on people who needed it.


As long as Matthew Autterson knew what the company needed, he prepared to give everything back to the business. Matthew Autterson put all his effort into it and tried to show people how they could experience more as a direct result of the company. CNS Bioscience allowed people the chance to see how they could do things right. It was also something that continued growing so others had a chance at a better future. Matthew Autterson knew this and also knew things would be better for him if he knew the right way to work the business.


For years, Matthew Autterson spent time trying to show people they could be successful. He knew what success meant to others and continued working to show them how everything would get better. He made a point of making CNS Bioscience better than it ever was before. Matthew Autterson also tried to help Dr. Falci with the opportunities he had. While Matthew Autterson is not a doctor, he knows a lot about how to market these medical advances to patients. He was one of the first people to bring patients to CNS Bioscience, so the doctor could help them with the things they needed to continue with the business. Refer to This Article for more information.


Even though there are a lot of things Matthew Autterson does at work, he also does things outside of work. He spends time with his family. He enjoys off-road racing with them and trying new things that help them bond as a family. Matthew Autterson even invites his family into the philanthropic part of his life. Together, they help out by making the Denver Zoo better. They all know the zoo is important and people enjoy it so they give back to it. By doing this, the whole family knows how to connect and what they can do to make valuable connections.



Michael Burwell: The Newest CFO Of Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson was established in the early 19th century and has existed for over two centuries. It is a market leader in providing broker services insurance and advisory services. It currently has a workforce of around 30,000 employees globally. It has designated offices in over 140 countries across the globe. Willis Towers Watson aims at ensuring proper service delivery to its clientele. They endeavor to nurture a client’s ideas and innovations to realize maximum gains. They also provide top security for their clients’ investment and ensure that the money is appropriately used in potentially successful startups.


Willis Towers Watson’s Chief Financial Officer Rodger Miller voluntarily retired in 2017. This prompted the company’s human resource team to outsource the services of one Michael Burwell. Michael is a University graduate with a degree in Business Administration. He is also a certified public accountant. Michael was brought on to the Willis Towers Watson executive team having been in the financial industry for over three decades. Before he was offered the CFO role in WTW, Michael worked in top positions for other financial institutions such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers(PwC). He served as the CFO in the company and later rose in the corporate ladder to become a managing partner at the same firm. Michael Burwell also served as the Head of Transaction Services in the United States.

The Chief Executive Officer at Willis Towers Watson John Haley welcomed the new addition to his executive team with open arms. He said that it was an exciting time to have Mr. Burwell on board. Mr. Burwell would bring with him his vast expertise and experience to enhance service delivery at the firm. The CEO has expressed his optimism that Michael Burwell will bring a renewed vigor that would propel Willis Towers Watson to greater heights. Michael received his welcome with a lot of enthusiasm vowing to put his best foot forward and work together with the company’s staff to achieve its goals. He even wished his predecessor Mr. Miller good tidings in his future endeavors and promised to continue with the excellent job that he had been doing.


Michael was pleased to have joined the company as one of its top executives. He had always relished the way the firm conducted its business. Willis Towers Watson was renowned for having top-notch service delivery, and it also fostered a culture of putting its clients’ needs first. He would put his managerial skills to good use and work for hand in hand with the existing staff to help the company reach new heights of success.



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Michael Burwell Bring This Unique Set Of Expertise To His New Position At Willis Towers Watson

The Insurance, reinsurance and international counseling professionals at Willis Towers Watson have elected Michael J. Burwell as the latest CFO, succeeding Roger Millay who will have retired on October 2nd, 2017.


Mr. Burwell’s qualifications include holding 31 years of fiscal and trained business provision, achieved at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, this also includes various positions at top leadership spots, such as holding the Head of Global Transformation position; Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer in the US; and Head of Transaction Services.


This is also comprised of Burwell’s 11 years of audit reviewing practices, 12 years of Purchasing Account counseling expertise, amounting to running careful business pre-acquisition examination and assessment.


CEO, John Haley, and Willis Towers Watson discussed the announcement saying they were thrilled to have Burwell join the leadership team at an important point in the firm’s transformation. Michael understands managing, leading and driving results in a complex, global company with a strong focus on clients. He is sure that his proven competence in the economic world is extremely befitting as an aid to the overall advancement and success of Willis Towers Watson.


They also wanted to acknowledge Roger his huge guidance and enrichment of Willis Towers Watson. Roger withdrew from the firm much more effectively for the aid he offered, and this will give him leverage for prospective achievement.


Michael Burwell said that he is privileged to own this chance to enter into Willis Towers Watson. In all of his communications, he has been surprised with the fervor of management, engagement to consumers and the collective and diverse experience. Looking forward, he’s excited to be adding to the benefit of the firm.


Previously, since connecting with Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell was employed for more than three decades at PwC. His original experience there was spent serving a little more than a decade in the insurance practice serving for various audit customers. He was soon accepted into the company and began PwC’s Detroit based transaction co-operation system in 1997. Michael Burwell’s success thereafter included taking over command of PwC’s primary area and presently worked as the comprehensive US Transaction Services Leader. In 2007, he was selected as CFO and was also elected Chief Operating Officer over PwC’s complete U.S. business in 2008.


Recently, he grew into the Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformational role. Burwell produced a change in his Transformation position to advance directorial capability in managing a distinct combination of interior duties such as Finance, Human Capital, Global Strategic Sourcing, and Technology. Michael additionally worked as the leading contact associate for numerous customers throughout his occupancy. See This Page for more information.

Michael Burwell’s Innovation Comes From Within

It takes a tremendous amount of confidence to step into a leadership role at a multi-billion-dollar global advisory, brokerage, and solutions company. Michael Burwell is doing just that. He has become the Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson after gaining three decades of financial experience at Pricewaterhouse Coopers.


His new company was recently valued at around $18 billion but he’s not feeling the pressure because his inbound business strategy is sound. Eleven years of work in the assurance practice where business advisory services were his main focus have given him a well-rounded view of the market. His roles at Pricewaterhouse Coopers where he was Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer have also prepared him for this new job where ideas start as conversations and finish as products.


Today’s economy is not easy to understand, and Michael Burwell knows how to keep clients’ interests at the forefront of company growth. Willis Towers Watson is evolving and having a professional like him to help the company reach its true potential is an important development in their journey towards success. With Michael Burwell’s presence, the company is ready to finish integration efforts and settle into a period of long-term prosperity.


If you had just come from a meeting with Michael Burwell your mind would be full of ideas that could not only inspire you in a new direction but could also alter the way you think about succeeding. Ideas like: Listening, networking and interacting with others is the key to finding new avenues of business; Great people can be even more productive with the help of technology; Innovation comes from within and bringing ideas out of people and into the world is a key to success; Business can do more with less and using this mindset is a great way to find new business opportunities; Periodic reflection and objectivity can significantly increase productivity and improve performance; Relentless positivity and critical analysis no matter what the outcome can always improve future efforts. See This Page for more information.


These are the ideas coming from Michael Burwell and seem to be the collective philosophy that has enabled him to thrive.


Sussex Healthcare: A Leading Support Care Health Facility, United Kingdom

Sussex Healthcare was established in 1985 to offer diverse services to people who have dementia and other conditions. It also takes care of residents with noticeable neurological disorders. Among the functionalities in the industry is to organize activities, create custom plans, offer physiotherapy services, manage gym activities, offer treatment on hydrotherapy, and examine medical care services offered to each resident.

Sussex Healthcare maintains 20 residential areas in the United Kingdom that require special lasting care. The new chief executive officer for Sussex Healthcare is Amanda Morgan. The new CEO, Amanda, brings into the company great experience and knowledge. Her previous commitments and roles were in managing healthcare organizations. She began her profession in 1984 and moved on to expand her knowledge and skills.

Sussex Healthcare provides support services to the elderly and the disabled. Most of the clients are not able to live in their family homes and others require special attention. There are quality service providers in the company who are well trained in taking care of the elderly and the disabled. They are also equipped with particular skills in taking care of the specific needs of the clients. These are inclusive of social activities. They offer personalized attention to the clients like the physical therapies and much more.

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The company is seeking to offer employment opportunities for individuals in the line of caregivers and assistants. Assistants help in customizing treatments for residents, providing guidance in the gym, and providing medical care for every person. The caregivers are well trained by the teachers and managers regarding absorption into the company systems. Additionally, the company is seeking to hire a manager whose work is to oversee the entire unit, to examine the efficiency of the unit, conduct monthly evaluations in the company, and test the treatments offered in the center. Working at Sussex Healthcare in any position exposes you to an attractive pay rate. When you work on holidays, one receives compensation with a higher pay rate. For caregivers, if one begins at Sussex Healthcare, they are fashionably equipped with competitive skills that meet the needs of their clients. A list of benefits to expect include bonus pay rate during weekends & holidays paid holidays, free travel for staff, pension services, discounted meals, low accommodation rates, free working uniforms, mentorship programs, and referrals bonuses among many others.

Through the well-rounded programs and services, one would prefer choosing Sussex Healthcare services because the caregivers there are experienced to offer you the best services in different specialties. This include dementia, elderly care, physical disability, mental health, respite, disability in learning, and brain injuries.

The Need To Know: Sussex Healthcare

The Sussex Healthcare company was founded during the 1998 year. This company has been proving a wide range of high quality services that are person based.

The Newest CEO

Ms. Morgan-Taylor is the CEO of Sussex Healthcare, and she has more than 30 years of experience within the health and social care areas of work. During the 1984 year she had become a Mental Health Nurse, and she has always been indispensable as a senior leader. She has had many roles that she has done great with, including Quality Development Director, Managing Director, and Service Manager.

Services Offered at Sussex Healthcare

As an independent company the Sussex Healthcare company has been providing care homes and support services that are based mainly in Sussex for a long time now. The 20 homes that are run by this company are known for the wide-range of services that are focused on the care of the elderly. This means that the services are available for those that are mentally frail, have dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, and more. The specialists will also care for adults that are having learning or physical difficulties (this can even include those with neurological disabilities).

The Location of The Company

This award winning company is located in Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom. Their location is perfect for the type of care that they are providing, and it is perfect for those that are in the surrounding areas.



The Sussex Healthcare company as achieved accreditation thanks to the HQS during the 2002 year. During the 2003 year the company was able to achieve the Investors In People standard. This award winning company has come a long way, and they have achieved so much, and they will continue down the path that they are on for a long time to come.

Why Choose Sussex Healthcare for Elder Care

The Sussex Healthcare company came to the realization that picking out the right home for older people is actually very important especially to loved ones. Those that are making this decision are going to want to go with a company that is trusted, can provide a safe and comfortable environment, and provide the elderly with stimulation that will help with their intellectual, social, physical, and emotional capacity.

Paul Mampilly Predicts Amazon’s Healthcare Takeover May Not Be As Hostile As Predicted

Amazon had major financial newspapers talking about a deal it announced with JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway to build its way into the healthcare industry. It’s planning on offering a prescription drug and health plan purchase program that’s going to be much different that what most drug retailers offer, and several companies have already seen their stocks head down as a result. But while there has been panic for some healthcare stockholders, Paul Mampilly says Amazon may still be in for a few surprises yet. Follow Paul on Facebook.

You can usually trust that when Paul Mampilly makes a statement about the stock market, he’s usually spot on as he’s picked up many stocks of companies in their infancy stage over the years and later sold them for huge profits. Mampilly points to Amazon’s track record and notes that they were said to be ending traditional grocery stores when they bought up Whole Foods and tried to bring a disruptive new way of shopping. But it seems this hasn’t quite worked out the way they predicted and many longtime grocery store chains are still up and running. He also said they moved into online streaming when Amazon Prime was introduced, and while this bumped Netflix out of first place temporarily, Netflix came roaring right back and has shown it’s not going anywhere. Mampilly says Amazon will make headway into healthcare, but he says don’t bet that other companies are going to disappear just yet.

Paul Mampilly was an accounts manager and portfolio advisor for Deutsche Bank, ING and Banker’s Trust, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Montclair State and an MBA from Fordham. He also is a former hedge fund managing director at Kinetics International Fund, and he is famous for winning the Templeton Foundation investment competition in which he was given $50 million and made a large 76% return in one year through stock investing. His personal portfolio has included buying into the initial public offerings of Facebook, Netflix and Sarepta Therapeutics. Follow Paul on

Paul Mampilly changed what he was doing by leaving the big banks at age 42 because he wanted to leave the long 16-hour shifts and spend more time with his wife and children, and he also wanted to stop giving advice to the top 1% and give it instead to regular Americans. He decided the best way to do this was through newsletters since he could make the information more personal that way, and he could do so without charging all the broker fees and other problems that plagued Wall Street. His subscribers have spoken about how informative his newsletters are, and what they like most about them is how he breaks down the information and makes it applicable to them. Paul Mampilly began with the “Profits Unlimited” newsletter which gained 60,000 subscribers in a month, and then added “True Momentum” and “Extreme Fortunes.” All of his newsletters are available to subscribe to at