E-Governe Improving Service Delivery in Brazil Municipalities

Rapid technological changes in the Information communication technology space call for swift adoption of new developments in order for organizations to better their operational efficiency. Despite of the immense benefits associated with innovative technologies, government institutions and agencies are slow in adopting or responding to the dynamics of technology. However, in Brazil the case is totally different. Government bodies especially municipalities are fast aligning themselves with technological changes. The government units have warmly embraced e-Governe system, a cutting-edge technology in bringing high level of efficiency in educational and health institutions.

Founded in 1998, electronic governance is one of the organizations offering communications solutions to municipal governments in Brazil. The non-profit organization was formed with the goal of improving service delivery in Curitiba by automating government services. Since coming into existence, electronic governance has succeed in digitalizing government institutions, therefore enhancing the cooperation between agencies, which has greatly transformed the quality of services, offered to the citizens.

Many municipalities have adopted the electronic governance system in management of Municipal and State Health Secretariats because they have recognized the capacity of the system in boosting efficiency and cutting costs. E-governe Heath integrates all health units easing service delivery in the health sector. With the system, not only is the process of scheduling appointments with health professionals is simplified but also the distributions of medicine from pharmacies is made much easier. Electronic governance is also an important tool in the control of beds and general operations of the hospital including ambulance services.

The Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (ICI) is the body that is charged with the responsibility of implementing the electronic governance system in various municipalities. In a bid to strengthen the ability of workers of the municipality of Teresina in using the system, ICI in collaboration with different departments, carried out training of servers stationed in different organs of the municipality. The human resource management tool was the first to be deployed and plans are underway to put in place more tools of the system. Sílvio Mendes, the mayor of Teresina, views the installation of a fully functioning electronic governance in city as a very critical step that should be hastened to enable the residents get better service. Once the system is fully implemented, the residents are expected to receive quick response to their needs since e-governe will expedite the processing of pinpointing problems, analysis of suggestions and effective monitoring of all services provided by Teresina municipality.

Osasco is another city that is the backbone of the Brazilian economy. The city is a destination to big industries and offices of major companies and agencies including CIESP, FACESP, and SEBRAE among others. Recently, the Municipality joined the growing list of government authorities that have adopted the system. The municipality awarded a contract to Institute for the implementation of the e-governe Educaçao school management system, which will install the system as well as supply all equipment needed in the project. The facilities to be covered by the electronic governance education of Osasco include 138 schools, continuing education centers and offices housing Municipal Education Department headquarters. https://www.lovemondays.com.br/trabalhar-na-e-governe/salarios

One Top Chef Winner Continues To Expand Into New Places

Top Chef continues to be one of the top rated food related shows on television. Viewers flock to this show that puts some of the nation’s top chefs through their paces. The winner can expect not only a huge monetary prize but massive exposure as well. The winner of season eleven, Nick Elmi, is poised to capitalize on his fame and expand into areas. Fans of the chef’s many skills can visit yet another venture from this determined up and comer.


His Latest Plan


His latest venture is a bar in the Old City section of Philadelphia, one of the hottest neighborhoods in the country. The bar will have a huge dining room that allows fifty people to be seated at one time. There’s also going to be a twenty-five seat bar where diners can enjoy some of his inventive cocktails. He plans to place a large private dining upstairs where diners can hold private parties. The opening is as yet vague. He hopes to have up it and running by late summer or early fall. The menu has also not yet been decided. Watchers expect that it will include a mixture of varied smoked meats and cheeses known as charcuterie as well as a selection of raw seafood that diners can choose to have turned into their own personalized dish.


Other Area Eateries


The new bar is joins his other ongoing spaces in this part of Philadelphia. Laurel is one of his popular restaurants. It offers French / American classics in an intimate setting designed to call to mind a Paris bistro. Several kinds of menus are available at Laurel. The popular tasting menu offers innovative items such as frozen foie gras tart with elderberry vinegar and octopus confit with hearts of palm and crispy shallots. His other restaurants range across many types of cuisine and showcase his wide ranging talents. Diners can sample the freshest sushi at Royal Izakaya. They can also try out Cantina Los Caballitos and Triangle Tavern in the immediate area. His other ventures in the Philadelphia area are Khyber Pass Club, Royal Tavern and Cantina Dos Segundos. His newest restaurant should help continue to draw in those who want to try something new and impressive from this rising young star.


Celebrating Memorial Day Safely This Year

Memorial Day marks the first hurrah of summer, and many Americans celebrate with an old-fashioned picnic. There are several precautions to take when traveling with food, states an article from LiveScience.com. That is why the Huffington Post published an article this week to outline the ways we can keep our picnic foods safe for our families.


It is always recommended for picnic enthusiasts to keep their cold foods in a cooler with ice. This includes hamburgers, hotdogs, and any other meats. Foods with eggs or mayonnaise (i.e. salad dressings, potato salad) should also stay chilled. Providing an environment like a refrigerator keeps them safely below 40 degrees. The fewer people who open the cooler, the colder it will stay. It is a good idea to keep cold drinks in a separate cooler.


Picnickers should also bring a meat thermometer to ensure that the internal temperature of grilled meats is 140 degrees or more. Temperatures can drop if they are left out of the heat, so it is recommended to keep meat on the top grill rack to keep it hot until it is served.


If cold foods get above 40 degrees or hot foods drop below 140 degrees, there is a good chance that dangerous bacteria can form. Even a couple hours in this situation makes the food unsafe to eat. It should be trashed as soon as possible. As the weather warms up, food can go into the unsafe range even quicker. Just an hour in 90-degree heat can ruin the food.


The safety rules for the kitchen should also be applied to eating outdoors. An article from startcooking.com states that cooks should wash their hands before cooking, and after they have touched any raw meats. There is not always access to soap and water at a picnic site, so people should bring a jug of water and some hand soap so everyone can wash their hands before eating. If that is not possible, a bottle of hand sanitizer is better than nothing.


Cross-contamination is another way that harmful foodborne bacteria can be spread. All meats should be in their own separate bag, so there are no chances of them leaking on other foods in the cooler. Anything that has touched raw meat should not be used for another purpose (i.e. plates, grill utensils).


Statistics from the Center for Disease Control say that approximately 48 million Americans get food poisoning any given year. For some, it is enough to send them to the hospital. As many as 3,000 people actually die from food poisoning, says the source. Practicing good hygiene will keep everyone safe and happy this holiday.


Greg Secker, a Jack of all Trades

Greg Secker is a renowned English Businessman whose career in the financial sector begun at the Thomas Cook Financial Services in the mid-1990s. This was a huge career change from what Greg had initially pursued at the University of Nottingham where he had studied Agriculture and Food Science.


Born 18 February, 1975 has grown up to become one of the most respected businessmen in the financial world. His business portfolio boasts of numerous successes which have seen him rise through the ranks at various positions that he has been able to hold in different companies. In his twenties, Greg had already become a multi- millionaire, and as a result, he went on to create one of the most flourishing trading companies in Europe( Virtual Trading Desk). It is this company that went on to pave the way for the ordinary person to be able actually to make it in the financial sector and attains financial freedom.


The Virtual Trading Desk was the first real-time online Forex trading company. This platform enabled its users to receive in real time the price quotation for the many big foreign exchange transactions. His very innovative way of thinking led Mr. Greg Secker to be able to start up other companies one of them being Learn to Trade, a trading company he begun at his home as a result of the experience he gained by working in different parts of the world. Thirteen years later the company has grown and opened offices in many regions of the world. Its main aim is to help equip people with the knowledge that is required to assist them in trade quickly in foreign exchange business. The same company went on to be awarded as the Best Educator by World Finance Magazine for two years in a row (2012/2013). Learn to Trade received yet another award in 2015 as the Best Forex Trader Training in the United Kingdom.


To add to his many successes, Greg Secker is also an accomplished philanthropist, investor, international speaker, entrepreneur and also a loving father who loves spending time with his family.

Chengdu Taste Opening New Place In Houston

Houstonians who love fine Chinese food are in luck. Chengdu Taste has opened up a new branch right here. Renowned for bringing new flavors of Chinese food to America, Chengdu Taste is has quickly become of the nation’s go-to place for a sampling of authentic Sichuan foods. Their remarkable success has been largely as a result of many factors including their devotion to authenticity and use of special ingredients gathered directly from China. Houston has a small but thriving Chinatown. Consequently, natives and visitors alike have been happy to have brand new options that let them expand their own personal culinary horizons. This new restaurant will be a much-welcomed addition to the local dining scene, providing area residents with yet another ideal lunch or dinner place to sample and enjoy.


A Los Angeles Start


Chendu Taste began as a small restaurant in Los Angeles. Quickly hailed as a new and innovative place, word began to spread among locals of their use of ingredients and ability to bring new tastes to the plate. Rave reviews helped create a buzz that allowed locals to realize they were in for something truly special when dining here. In the last few years, the company’s owners have capitalized on their fan base and responded to requests to open up additional restaurants in other parts of the United States. Today, they have branches in several other places including several areas of California. The company has also opened restaurants in places such as Las Vegas and Hawaii.


The Houston Location


The new location in Houston is expected to serve a ready audience happy to embrace their sophisticated version of classical Chinese cooking all day long. Chengdu Taste is open in Houston seven days a week, making it easy for diners to find time to get here. They offer lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the afternoon. After that, the doors close to prepare for the dinner rush. Diners can find a meal here from 5 to 9:30 p.m. They can sample dishes such as the toothpick lamb, twice cooked pork and mung bean noodles that have made this restaurant such a popular spot for all those who want to sample all that Chinese food has to offer.


“Little Caesars” Being Sued for Mislabeling Pork as Halal

Mohamad Bazzi, a Muslim resident of Dearborn, Michigan, has hit pizza chain “Little Caesars” with a $100 million lawsuit. Bazzi’s suit alleges that Little Caesars sold pizzas marketed as “halal” despite containing pork products. Dearborn, Michigan, is a notable place regarding Islam in America because it is home to the country’s largest Muslim population.


Halal is a distinction that certifies meat has been processed under specific guidelines found within the Quran. Preparing food to halal standards is very similar to preparing food for kosher standards. A notable commonality between meats that are classified as kosher or halal is that the consumption of pork goes against both beliefs; foods that are not halal or kosher, such as pork, are considered “haram” or “treif,” respectively.


Bazzi’s suit claims that he and his wife purchased pizzas from the chain on March 20th and May 24th. In both instances, Bazzi purchased pies that were marked as halal food only to discover the presence of pepperoni toppings. Majed Moughni, The Bazzis’ legal representative in the suit, is requesting that the case be pursued as a class action suit. The filing of the suit was positioned ahead of Ramadan, a month-long religious holiday that entails fasting from sunrise to sunset. While Ramadan’s exact dates are dependent upon the lunar calendar, instead of the Julian calendar, 2017’s Ramadan falls from the 27th of May to the 24th of June. Moughni explained that his clients wanted the public to be aware of the potential catastrophe that could result from buying improperly labeled food from Little Caesars, especially for the feasting that occurs under the moonlight of Ramadan.


The Bazzis’ lawsuit, one that concerns a Dearborn eatery offering haram food as halal food, is not one without a precedent. 2013 saw McDonald’s issuing a $700,000 settlement after a Dearborn customer observed that the ingredients contained in franchisees’ halal menu offerings were actually considered haram. After the settlement was issued, McDonald’s abandoned the offer of halal food.


The exact legal jargon in the Bazzis’ lawsuit alleges that Little Caesars Pizza, LCE and employees of the shop they twice purchased pizza from, were in breach of contract, contributed to negligent misrepresentation, fraud and unjustly enrichment. Little Caesars has yet to issue a statement on the lawsuit.


The Ubuntu Fund Treads New Territory Alongside Andrew Rolfe

Jacob Lief took one look around the room at the World Economic Forum before coming to a sudden, soul crushing realization. Lief admitted after, “It was nonsense. The money was flowing in but we weren’t changing people’s lives.” Jacob Lief is the founder and CEO of the charitable foundation, the Ubuntu Fund. The Ubuntu Fund has been focused for years on providing educational opportunity to the impoverished, at risk, and endangered children living in the townships of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. With some charities it can be hard to judge their effectiveness, but the Ubuntu Fund was created specifically to immediately change lives. The Ubuntu Fund wasn’t changing lives and that meant change was coming.

So, Jacob Lief first took stock of how things were going within the company. Despite raising a ton of money, thanks in part to the efficiency of the board which was led by Andrew Rolfe, the money wasn’t getting to where it needed to go. The reason? Funds were tied up in red tape due to financial earmarks. Earmarks come into charities on funding in order to keep them exclusive to certain sectors of giving. This means that certain funds would sit, completely unused, while other areas of the charity fell to shambles.

In order to remedy this situation Jacob Lief had to dramatically change how his company was focused on raising money. Lief spoke with Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the board and settled on a new strategy. Lief says, “We now go for high net-worth individuals or family foundations who understand that highly restricted funding isn’t worth our time.” This new tactic may have slowed down donations but the ones that are coming in can go directly where they need to. No longer is the Ubuntu Fund struggling to get money to the right places anymore.

Behind all of this work we have seen Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the chair ready to weather the storm. Andrew Rolfe himself is a prolific philanthropist and his work with the Ubuntu Fund increasingly important. Rolfe and Jacob Lief look to be at the forefront of a new innovation within charitable giving.

Are Meal Delivery Services Worth It?

You have probably seen commercials and advertisements for meal delivery services. These companies promise to deliver delicious and fresh ingredients to your front door so that you can quickly cook your own meals without doing the shopping for them. Meal delivery services are becoming increasingly popular, and you’ll find dozens of companies offering this option. However, as someone who has never taken part in this latest craze before, you might be wondering if the price is worth it.


For one, don’t expect to save a lot of money by having ingredients and meals delivered to your front door. In fact, it’s typical for the average family to pay about $10 per serving for each meal. This means that if you have a family of four, the entire meal will cost you roughly $40. Many of these companies offer free nights and free plates, but this is often only available when you first sign up. This means that you’ll be fully responsible for paying for each and every meal delivered once the introductory period has expired.


For some families, the price of these meals is comparable to going out to a local restaurant. If you tend to eat out a lot and would rather dine at home more often, this option might be a good one for you because you’ll come away spending the same amount of money, but you’re making delicious homemade meals that you won’t need to stress over. It also eliminates the need for meal planning, preparation and shopping, which is ideal for the busy parent or career person.


Before you get in on the meal delivery service bandwagon, it’s important to do your research to find out if it’s right for you. The beauty about most of these companies is that you can cancel your subscription at any time, which will prevent you from getting stuck in a contract that has become a complete and total burden. In fact, you may just want to try out the service for one week to see if you even like it. No two meal delivery companies are the same, so you may have to try several of them before you find the right option for you. Read reviews online and get a feel for what other people are saying concerning the company they’re using.


Nine9: A Company Lead By Anthony Toma to Assist New Talent

Anthony Toma, a talented professional who know how to introduce new talent in the entertainment industry, is a founder and CEO of Nine9, the UnAgency. It is a talent agency that is coming up with different ideas and method to effectively introduce a fresh model or actor in the industry so he or she can notice by famous stars, producers, and directors.

Toma, a successful entrepreneur, and businessman has owned a plethora of businesses across a couple of industries including entertainment and few others. He is famous because he has linked with many influential leaders of the entertainment industry and this is what makes his different than other agency. He is always busy in finding new ways and opportunities for fresh talent who as ambition, and willingness to become someone.

Anthony told that he wasn’t planning for the entertainment industry, he was looking for franchise opportunities in the food industry, but he ultimately ended up in a franchise of fashion industry instead. And then day after day, months after months, he worked dedicatedly and very hard and ultimately his hard work rewards back, and he founded Nine9, The UnAgency.

He said what makes him different other than that is that he works for his client like it is his work. He supposes himself on the place of his client and then thinks about the possibilities and opportunities that could be helpful in launching him to the entertainment industry. He also has a team of professional who are continuously in touch with the leaders of the entertainment industry. So, when there is a need of fresh face, they would know immediately and learn more about nine9.

He is continuously working hard for the evolution of Nine9, his business. The fact that you do not need a huge capital is awesome. And this is what he feels like this company because it already established, so there is no need of another capital investment to improve the business and more information click here.

More visit: http://www.iamnine9.com/

Copa Star Provides Patients With Everything That They Need for Healing

Throughout all of 2016, people waited patiently to see what was going to come to the Rio area in Brazil with the hospital that was being built. Toward the end of the year, the hospital was opened and it was able to start accepting its first patients so that they would be able to get what they needed from the different things that they were able to treat. Patients no longer had to worry about where they were going to get quality healthcare from. They knew that it would be at Copa Star because of everything that the hospital had created for people to be able to use and take advantage of while they were sick. Copa Star is one of the best hospitals that Brazil has ever seen and continues to show people that they can be great with the different options that they have for technology.

Learn more: http://app.dino.com.br/releases/hospital-copa-star-e-inaugurado-no-rio-de-janeiro-dino890105312131

Patients who come to the hospital will have access to the best care in Brazil. The hospital is focused on only hiring the best doctors and staff to make the hospital a better place for all of the patients. They want to provide them with the care that they deserve in the town that they are in. This is something that Rio has not seen for a long time and something that is going to make the city better in general so that all of the citizens will have a chance to be able to get the great healthcare that comes along with a brand new hospital.

Not only is Copa Star committed to making sure that they can help people out with their basic needs but they are also working to make sure that people can get what they need from the different situations that they are in. For example, Copa Star is able to train all of the people on the different things that the hospital is able to do. Copa Star wants to train all of the people who they are working with and they use all of their technology to teach people about the opportunities as a part of the hospital.

One of the things that Copa Star is now providing to their patients is the use of tablets. Patients can use the tablets if they want to change the lighting in their room or move the position of their bed. They are also able to use the tablets to control the television in their room and call for the nurse. The tablets are replacing the traditional bed remotes. One feature that has set Copa Star’s tablets above the rest is the ability for patients to be able to talk to their doctors using a video messaging system. Visit the site healtharq.grupomidia.com to know more about Copa Star.