OSI Group Will Expand Video Monitoring to Enhance Food Safety

OSI Group officials has moved to broaden its association with Arrowsight, an industrial video surveillance service that monitors the inner workings of large production facilities for greater quality control.

Arrowsight provides what it calls RVA surveillance. This involves the installation of video cameras, motion sensors, digital video recorders (DVRs) and other technologies that makes it possible to remotely monitor all manner of operations of complex processing facilities.

The goal is increased quality control. With the use of RVA, the OSI Group can greatly enhance its ability to make sure every step of food processing tasks are completed safely and that all protocols and essential regulations are followed.

For example, RVA technology makes sure that trailer doors get sealed properly and that employees are using strict, by-the-book safety protocols when handling food. It’s a way to verify every step of the process while leaving little or no room for error in the function of processing food safely. It also helps employees audit their own work and enables them to improve efficiency without cutting corners.

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OSI has been working with Arrowsight since 2005. This new arrangement will bring more RVA monitoring to a greater number of OSI operations throughout the United States. Greater use of Arrowsight monitoring technology will play a major role in OSI’s plans for international expansion.

OSI Group’s experience with video monitoring technology over the past 12 has proven to be a successful method of quality control and in finding better ways to protect foods as they move through complex and large-scale processing before reaching the consumer.

Expanding RVA capability into more OSI operations builds upon what has been a successful relationship with Arrowsight to achieve greater quality control, with food consumers being the ultimate winner.

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