Neurocore takes the lead in neuroscience application

The brain can be described as the most phenomenal organ in our body. This resilient structure is responsible for controlling our thoughts, behaviors, emotions and perceptions. This is made possible by the billions of microscopic neurons that transmit chemical signals through the brain hence regulating the brains electrical activity. It is these neurons that make us able to feel, think, function and process complex data or information.

To better understand how the brain works, scientists use EEG technology, brain mapping and neurofeedback to familiarize themselves with how neurons function. The knowledge acquired from such studies help in treating mental disorders such as ADHD, ASD, depression and anxiety. It is said that the study of the brain using these neurotherapeutic applications began in the mid-twentieth century. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

What is EEG?

An EEG, known in the medical sphere as electroencephalogram, is a type of test that uses small, non-invasive metallic disks to detect the brains electrical activity. These metal disks are called electrodes. The electrodes are usually placed on the head, and they are used for picking up the brain’s electrical impulses. The impulses are normally displayed as wavy lines during diagnosis.

What is qEEG (brain mapping)?


Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG), commonly referred to as brain mapping, is a method of recording EEG activity on a computer. Quantitative EEG helps scientists understand the brainwaves recorded by an EEG by using applied algorithms and statistics. Scientists use the results to determine how fast or slow the brain is functioning and how it affects a patient.

What is Neurotherapy (neurofeedback)?

Neurotherapy, also referred to as neurofeedback, is the process of teaching the brain to self-regulate using electrical measurements of the brain waves. Neurotherapy helps the brain function more efficiently by reducing or eliminating unwanted brain activity.

Neurocore is one of the many companies that use EEG, qEEG and neurofeedback to treat sleep disorders, manage stress and improve mental acuteness. The company was founded by Timothy Royer in 2004. They have eight facilities spread out across Florida and Michigan. It is one of the leading centers in the application of neuroscience in the country. Neurocore recently partnered with The Portland Trailblazers to develop a brain room in the team’s training facilities. Read more about Neurocore at


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