The Need To Know: Sussex Healthcare

The Sussex Healthcare company was founded during the 1998 year. This company has been proving a wide range of high quality services that are person based.

The Newest CEO

Ms. Morgan-Taylor is the CEO of Sussex Healthcare, and she has more than 30 years of experience within the health and social care areas of work. During the 1984 year she had become a Mental Health Nurse, and she has always been indispensable as a senior leader. She has had many roles that she has done great with, including Quality Development Director, Managing Director, and Service Manager.

Services Offered at Sussex Healthcare

As an independent company the Sussex Healthcare company has been providing care homes and support services that are based mainly in Sussex for a long time now. The 20 homes that are run by this company are known for the wide-range of services that are focused on the care of the elderly. This means that the services are available for those that are mentally frail, have dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, and more. The specialists will also care for adults that are having learning or physical difficulties (this can even include those with neurological disabilities).

The Location of The Company

This award winning company is located in Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom. Their location is perfect for the type of care that they are providing, and it is perfect for those that are in the surrounding areas.



The Sussex Healthcare company as achieved accreditation thanks to the HQS during the 2002 year. During the 2003 year the company was able to achieve the Investors In People standard. This award winning company has come a long way, and they have achieved so much, and they will continue down the path that they are on for a long time to come.

Why Choose Sussex Healthcare for Elder Care

The Sussex Healthcare company came to the realization that picking out the right home for older people is actually very important especially to loved ones. Those that are making this decision are going to want to go with a company that is trusted, can provide a safe and comfortable environment, and provide the elderly with stimulation that will help with their intellectual, social, physical, and emotional capacity.

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