When the Razer CEO; Min-Liang Tan built his first hardware, the Boomslang mouse, he was after a chance to help him compete with the wide range of businesses in the gaming industry. Years later, quitting his legal career and venturing into the business of building gaming software and hardware is the best decision he has ever made. Despite the massive success he has achieved as a businessman in the gaming industry, Tan continues to grow Razer, with the latest focus being Razer Banking.

The number one focus of Tan in business has been to create better hardware and software. Therefore, when he built the Boomslang, it became among the best-built gaming mice with increased speed and better precision. The modern-day Razer is different from the one he founded over fifteen years ago.

Razer Inc today is a whole ecosystem with a series of hardware and software under its name. Further, the company now has many locations with a record of 16 offices so far. For Min-Liang Tan, Razer is a company which he began and grew from scratch. Therefore, when he was recognized as Singapore’s youngest self-made billionaire. It was a title well deserved because he is a go-getter focused on taking Razer to the next level.

Therefore, whenever the Razer CEO creates software or hardware, he focuses on how he can create a better version next time. For him, building these products is a fun venture, even though he is often viewed as someone who is only after success.

Min-Lian Tan is an alumnus of the National University of Singapore. He has worked hard and finally created a name for himself and the Razer company in the Tech Hardware and Semiconductors industry. As the founder of Razer, he has held on to the CEO position since the company’s inception in 2005. Despite the massive success, Min-Lian Tan is positive that the current year will be the most successful for Razer. Visit this page to learn more.


Additional information can be found on https://www.crunchbase.com/person/min-liang-tan