Meal Ideas That Are Both Healthy and Affordable

One of the main problems with eating healthy is that is can be extremely expensive over time. We all know how much it costs to get a bag of chips in comparison with getting a pint of blueberries. Most of the time, we’ll reach for the chips because they taste better and are overall cheaper.


But eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. There are certainly things that you can do to buy healthy foods and make delicious healthy meals that won’t break your bank account. The following are some ways that you can eat healthy for an affordable cost.


First, make sure that you are eating seasonal foods year-round. For example, blueberries are not in season in the heart of winter, and apples are not technically in season in the spring. Apples are more likely to be in season in the fall, and blueberries are more likely to be in season in late summer. When you buy fruits and vegetables in season, you’ll pay less, and you’ll also get a better crop for your money.


Likewise, when shopping for fruits and vegetables, don’t reach for the most expensive varieties. For example, banana are always inexpensive, but they taste great. Choose these over grapefruits, which are more expensive.


Next, make good use of seasonings. When you shell out for amazing tasting seasonings like Himalayan salt, multicolored ground peppercorns, turmeric, cayenne and other spices, you can add a lot of flavor to your food, and as we all knows, spices last forever, so they are a great investment.


Finally, make food at home whenever you can. If you’re going on a trip, don’t buy food on the road. Pack healthy snacks at home and bring them with you. Your food on your trip will taste better, and it will be a lot less expensive this way. That’s not even to mention that your food will be healthier than anything you can find at a fast food place or gas station.


As you can see, eating healthy on a budget doesn’t have to be impossible. Use the tips and tricks listed above and you’ll notice that you’re eating healthier on a regular basis without breaking the bank.


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