Marwan Kheireddine, a Lebanese entrepreneur, has always valued the country’s youth and is committed to developing the next generation of business leaders in Lebanon. At the American University of Beirut, Marwan Kheireddine taught over a dozen financial courses, including commercial banking and risk management. Over the course of his career, he claims to have taught more than 1,200 students.

To realize that you’ve had a positive impact on someone and improved their quality of life even a little bit is an incredible feeling, says Kheireddine. “You have no clue how fulfilling it is,” she says.

The impact he had on his former pupils’ life has been shared with him in unexpected settings, such as the airport.

Marwan Kheireddine is a firm believer in the concept of karma.

To paraphrase what he says, “(they’ll say) You altered my life because of the advice you gave me when I asked you what to do. Now look where I am,” he says.

Whenever someone unexpectedly approaches him to express gratitude for whatever he’s done to help them, he claims the reward always arrives.

His thoughts turn to the fact that “it brings me so much delight and joy.”

Beirut’s stock market board member Kheireddine said it has been gratifying to receive this kind of good reaction. He has also served on the board of trustees of the American Community School Beirut and the AUB Business School for over a decade, contributing to the development of the school’s academic programs. Endeavor, an international nongovernmental organization, has a branch in Lebanon and he serves on the board of directors of the organization’s Lebanon chapter.

As part of Marwan Kheireddine commitment to supporting the next generation of Lebanese businesses, the entrepreneur founded YOUTHinc. To support the country’s economy, Kheireddine worked with Circular 331 to design an investment program in the next generation of Lebanese start-up companies.

In addition, he introduced Virgin Megastores to Lebanon, offering more employment opportunities for locals, including youth. In2001, he opened the first Virgin Megastore there with the help of Richard Branson.

As he puts it, “It put Lebanon on the map.”” There were a lot of media appearances for Lebanon as a result of our events at Virgin in Virgin, CNN, and Euro News.

In addition, Marwan Kheireddine organized hundreds of performances, including one with Bryan Adams, which became an essential element of Lebanon’s pop culture. Learn more information about Marwan Kheireddine