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Making your mark in the fashion industry can be a daunting task but at the same time having a good web of contacts can make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful transition to the big stage. Most aspiring models don’t have the know-how of putting themselves forward and starting in the industry. This leads to many misinformed decisions on their part, sometimes even costing them their careers. There is a great deal of things one should understand about making a career as a successful model in the fashion industry. This post means to impart knowledge and information to aspiring models to help them carve their future choice of a career in the fashion industry.

  • Finding an agency

Better take a cue and find yourself an agency that deals with your career aspirations. You can start by sending in your “simple” photographs. The emphasis being on simple photos since nobody likes an overtly flaunting wannabe model posing in supermodel poses. Send your simple photos with the ones that showcase your natural face. You can also try and go for open castings of agencies that happen from time to time. Chances are these efforts will pay off better than any other alternative.

  • Presenting yourself

Once you have been highlighted or are called for a potential job, you should remember the need to showcase yourself in a manner of liking. Most aspiring models get it wrong in this stage and end up jeopardizing their chances trying too hard to please. Just let the energy flow in you. Present yourself in a simple manner. Even a simple top paired with jeans will do the job for you. Try not wearing too much make-up. Have clean nails and good hair and wear comfortable nice shoes. Answer your questions confidently and make yourself a part of the conversation and not overdo it. You will strike the chord.

  • Working the camera

You get full marks for being photogenic. It’s about trying to find a character in the role you are to play. The best models are the ones that like their job and take part in the process of shooting. As much as ideas your photographer might have, you should play your part and be creative in what you want to do and find a niche of your own doing that. Once you find your area of comfort, the work becomes child’s play. Some models are great at looking sexy, some are good with their environment and some just look good being serious faced. It’s about finding your forte, sticking to it and adapting to situations.

About Brown Modelling Agency

Justin Brown is the founder of the Brown Modelling Agency. He studied business management during college but was more interested in modeling and went on to pursue his dreams with his agency. Brown Modelling Agency had its humble beginnings in the summer of 2015, formerly known as Wilhelmina Austin. Since its inception, the agency has made headlines with its models being featured with the biggest brands in the world like L’oreal, Louis Vuitton, Versace and many others. The agency recruits aspiring models and prepares them for the industry. Only a select few can make the cut and those who do are part of something bigger than themselves. Models from the Brown modeling agency have graced the runways of many shows like the Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week and the Austin Fashion Week to name a few.

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