Luke Lazarus is a business consultant passionate about helping small businesses expand their reach and is committed to investing his time, knowledge, and skills into the health of his local community.

What started as a way for him to escape the corporate world has evolved into a large social enterprise.

He has personally invested over $2 million in initiatives that promote youth employment and entrepreneurship in the country he loves, which he would never have been able to do without starting this business from scratch as an individual.

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He is active in the local community and committed to giving back in any way he can.

He is involved with the St Kilda Gatehouse and the Youth Jobs Coalition after being a part of the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme.

Luke’s business approach has been able to help those entrepreneurs who he inspired to make a difference in their local communities.

He has taken his knowledge and put it into practice by providing consultations to both startups and established companies on how they can improve their businesses.

Though Luke is a Melbourne-based business consultant, he has also worked with clients in the United States and Europe.

He understands business owners’ difficulties in Australia and knows how to apply his knowledge to help them best.

Luke Lazarus is passionate about helping small businesses expand their reach by providing them with insights on how they can improve their businesses, and he often discusses the importance of marketing.

Luke Lazarus did not succeed overnight and is credited with providing intensive coaching and consulting services to small businesses over 12 years, speaking at conferences in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

He believes there is a need for more locally and internationally entrepreneurs to be educated on how they can use their smaller businesses to generate wealth.

He wants these people to understand that perseverance and hard work are necessary to build a successful business and that there are many ways in which they can grow along the way.

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