Four lucky young “grillers” will appear on Food Network’s Kid’s BBQ Championship for a chance to win $10,000. This relatively new Food Network show features the cooking talents of junior chefs and highlights their ability to create delicious predesignated dishes under pressure. The show begins the second season premiering on Monday, May 19th 7:00 central time.

In each episode, four kids attempt to dazzle the judges with new and tantalizing entrees. These pint-size chefs are tasked with creating a specified dish to demonstrate their culinary barbecue flare. The show is hosted by Damaris Phillips and Eddie Jackson. They each are champions in their own right. Each are previous winners of the Food Network Star and host another show on Food Network. Damaris Phillips hosts the Food Network show Southern at Heart. Eddie Jackson hosts BBQ Blitz. Each episode also features a guest host that has a specific expertise that matches that particular cooking task. No episode is ever the same. The viewer is given a fresh experience with the new faces of different contestants each week as well as the enticing cooking topics and an ever-changing guest host.

In Season one, episodes ran the gamete of dish categories challenges. The junior contestants were asked to make the perfect luau pork dish with a complimentary tropical fruit side. In another episode, these young chefs were asked to make an on-the-go food which you might see offered at a State Fair. Among some of the most stand out episodes was the Cowboy Campfire in which the young culinary artist were tasked with making big hearty breakfasts to include huge beef steaks which would equal the size of your head. For a sneak peak, check out Season 1 highlights:

The line up of episodes for Season 2 include mouth-watering topics like the Red, White and BBQ – official season opener where contestants feature patriotic dishes. Season 2, Episode 2 is entitled Bacon, Ribs and Roasts. The title says it all. This is a challenge for the four new kid grill masters which is all about the best barbecue methods in cooking pig. Episode 3 challenges yet another new group of junior barbecue chefs to tackle the spicy and tempting flavors in the Tex Mex Showdown.

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