Key Financial Solution For Top Profeessionals

Thousands of customers complain about huge banking fees, but NexBank eliminates pricey fees and provides more services to their customers. They have expanded their online network to an additional 246,000+ customers to their client-portfolio. Now is a great time to become a part of NexBank because they are backed with a total of $3.4 billion dollars in assets. Your money is also FDIC ensured and guaranteed in a secure account. They focus on three core financial services that include investment, industrial, and commercial banking. They also have over 50+ years of expertise in personalized banking. Enjoy the benefits of a reliable financial network that lets you access your money anytime.

Are you interested in 1.9% interest in 6 months? You can put your money in a savings account that has significant growth. Realize your dreams of owning a home with a first-time homeowner program with NexBank. They have partnered with Dallas, based Habitat For Humanity to create this opportunity for local residents. Visit their online website for more details today. Talk to a friendly representative at anytime to learn more about their services and promotional offers. There are thousands of customers that rely on NexBank to safeguard their hard earned money.

NexBank Customer Features

– Free online bill pay

– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– Anytime access

– Transfer money in between accounts

– IRA accounts

– Commercial accounts

and more…

Students and their parents can save on college tuition and other expenses with a college savings account with NexBank. They have partnered with New Jersey based, College Savings Bank to bring their customers over 1,600+ college savings programs. Are you currently in government student loan debt? Contact NexBank and start to save money right away. Discover financial freedom with the leading banking professionals in the industry.


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