Journey With Nutrimost

The weight loss company Nutrimost is suing its rival, Healthy Living. Healthy Living purportedly stole Nutrimost’s promotional video from their website, replacing any Nutrimost reference with their own “Can’t Lose Diet.”
Posting the video on Healthy Living’s website, they kept the Nutrimost testimonials, both from customers and its principal. Healthy Living also appears to have made and published a shorter version of the video after receiving a cease-and-desist letter in September from Nutrimost. Presently, it appears that both videos have been taken off the website. A press release published by NY Daily News quoted Dr. Ray Wisniewski saying Nutrimost is “a professional blend of scriptural health wisdom and understanding along with leading edge science,” and not to be confused with other diet only focused programs.
Nutrimost is a diet program that advertises not only weight loss but a correction of other health related issues. Nutrimost recognizes that people’s bodies are different and therefore require a unique plan of diet and supplements.
Using biocommunication tech Nutrimost determines what a person’s body needs in order to achieve weight loss andlifetime health. With a personal and customized roadmap from Nutrimost your hormone and organ imbalances will be corrected, helping you achieve optimal health and looking great. Nutrimost believes that positive emotions about health can revolutionize your weight loss journey.

Though the main selling point of Nutrimost is weight loss, Nutrimost’s goal is total health, both of the mind and body. Keep up with Nutrimost here:

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