Jose Borghi Describes How People Have Achieved Success On Youtube

Jose Borghi is one of the co-founders of Brazilian advertising agency BorhiRay. He is now a CEO at Brazilian ad agency Mullen Lowe which bought out BorghiRay later known as Borghi Lowe. Mr. Borghi highlights some of the things that have helped people achieve success on YouTube and how it can impact advertisements.Jose Borghi says that most of the top influential people on YouTube today are young people who create content specifically designed for sharing on YouTube. These digital influencers as Jose Borghi calls them have a massive and loyal audience. They include followers of their YouTube channel who also share and spread the influencer’s videos with other people and on other mediums.

Mr. Borghi says that the fact that these online personalities on YouTube have caught the attention of big companies is a testament to their audience and ability to influence other people. Jose Borghi believes that these producers of YouTube content can be a great way to reach a target audience with advertisements that a company wants to release. Organizations such as the New York Times have even acquired companies that create YouTube content to better understand the influence that YouTube can have and to expand the organization’s reach on channels such as YouTube.

Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe believes that YouTube content producers and personalities should work together and link up. It will not be a bad thing, but a good thing instead. When the two work together, both will benefit he believes.So what is the recipe for success on YouTube and to be able to make a living off of one’s content? Leon Martin, the producer of the Thing of Nerd YouTube Channel states that it helps to create content about subjects that you are very passionate and interested in. No doubts states, Jose Borghi, if you create content that you enjoy, then you will much that much more likely to be successful.

Christian Figueiredo of I Fiko Loko YouTube channel states that on his channel he is free to be himself. He is authentic and true to his audience. There are no masks or prewritten scripts to follow like on a show. The authenticity, the true character of himself and his enthusiasm attracts and keeps an audience. Jose Borghi comments on this with the following. Being honest and sincere will always have a great impact on people as evidenced by Christian Figueiredo and his YouTube channel.


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