The recent release of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report has been billed as a “Code Red” warning for our planet’s environment. It concluded that urgent action is needed to slow the growth of carbon accumulation in the Earth’s atmosphere to stop the rise of the average planetary temperature. The latter is wreaking havoc in the form of massive wildfires, floods and droughts, rising sea levels along coastlines, a mass die-off of species and much more. A noted futurist, tech entrepreneur and investment guru believes that embracing leading-edge technology will be a key factor in reversing course. Specifically, Jason Hope is keen on what IoT (the Internet of Things) can do to create mitigating factors that counter processes driving climate change.


Jason Hope


Jason Hope said IoT is a new tool unlike any other in its ability to capture data and monitor changes in complex systems. The interaction of natural environmental processes with the commerce of mankind represents one of the most complex dynamics in history. Jason Hope said IoT can create ways to prevent negative pressures created by human activity before they produce environmental consequences. He notes that there are already 10 billion IoT-enabled devices operating around the world in a wide array of functions and capacities. That number is forecast to reach 28 billion by 2025.


For example, an IoT-based monitoring system called Detect 2.0 has been developed by the Zoological Society of London Zoo. It’s a monitoring system that can track activity and interaction between human populations and animals in the wild. By establishing normative ranges and fundamental behavior patterns, illegal human activities like unsanctioned logging of rainforests and poaching can be curtailed. Jason Hope said the efficiencies that IoT can build into industrial systems will produce huge energy saving that will dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of companies operating in just about every business sector.