Founder Jason HopeJason Hope is a businessman who is an entrepreneur that is quite well known. He makes accurate predictions regarding the future of technology. He lives in the area of Phoenix, Arizona. He has an MBA from the W.P. Carey School Of Business. His predictions are accurate in part because he loves what he does. He makes a great many predictions that are related to two things: IoT and SENS.


IoT is short for the Internet Of Things. It’s a generic phrase that refers to the ways that we relate to the Internet. Jason Hope claims that we are going to continue to connect to the Internet in different ways for the foreseeable future. The Internet is something that will be with us for some time to come. The technology that we’re using right now is showing us things that could become reality in the not too distant future. We are moving towards new things in technology. Health care will be even more paired with technology in the future. It will be possible to do far more medical procedures using technology than we can do right now.


SENS is a foundation that uses new technology to predict the future. Jason Hope has donated a lot of money to this foundation. For the most part, this group works on curing the aging process. It constantly searches for ways to decelerate that process. It hopes to be able to cure it eventually. Jason Hope makes predictions that are both accurate and precise. He’s an influential businessman who has the ability to get people to listen to him.