James Dondero: The Global Market and Argentina

When President Mauricio Macri took office, he became determined to make sure that Argentina made its way into the global arena. He had back up with the government being into business and with that made some very crucial policy changes that helped the country’s economy. James Dondero foresaw the future of Argentina and decided to invest in that country because of their willingness to take a step forward. Off all the Latin American countries, Argentina was the only one that showed initiative in wanting a brighter economic future. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.

Sending two teams down to help Argentina turn towards the road of investing; Dondero saw an opportunity to pour into a country that can make a significant impact for global competition. He was right. The country managed to raise $16.5 billion, which was a capital raising record. Argentina not only caught everyone’s attention but also got everyone’s respect. Thanks to Dondero and his team for steering the way for their success Argentina is now a competitive global market player. Even Highland Capital analyst Mauro Staltari saw the potential of the country. He said that they were different. The other Latin countries are riled up in corruption and other government hostilities to notice their condition and do anything about it. Here is Argentina in the middle of the chaos and just thriving. They are on the largest economy list at number three right now. President Macro should be proud of how he helped his country get back on the economic forefront. Follow James on Linkedin.

Making intelligent investments is what James Dondero does and to risk pouring investments into a country is risky, but it paid off in this case. No one can tell him that he does not know a good investment when he sees one. The question is, however, who is next in line?

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