There seem to be a lot of folks leaving Florida and moving to Florida. Real estate in Florida is different from real estate anywhere else. The idea of retiring to the beach and living near the fun and sun has its sense of heaven attached. The other side of this for Michael Patrick Carroll is how to find success in an economic downturn. Having founded the Carroll Real Estate Holding company, he has been sharing his insight into how to be successful in real estate as an income for several years. Looking for new ways to make money is the reason that he is sharing this valuable information today. What is the secret to success?

Michael Patrick Carroll says that its not just about finding new pathways for success, but about paying attention to what is going on around you as well. How people work is changing, and it’s more obvious than ever. Virtual work presents challenges, but it also presents opportunities. One of the beliefs he has always held is that technology means big dividends for any business when used properly. M. Patrick Carroll says that retail and hotels have been hit extremely hard. Airlines are also feeling the pinch. Finding additional ways to stay afloat are possible in Tampa. M. Patrick Carroll remains consistent in his statements regarding this.

His way of finding more income is to look at the possibilities all around. Tampa is loaded with them, at least in his opinion. Finding a way to use these hotels and older retail centers is the ticket, and using apps is what can bring positive change for the economy. It makes things much easier to access, like statistics and transactional information. Right now, he believes that the key is finding work within technology companies. If isn’t medical its technology. There is always a need for both, and that won’t change any time soon.

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