Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western still remembers the great oil recession and the impact it had on the lives of millions of people. This time was extremely difficult for the investors in gas and oil industry. As a major stakeholder in the industry, Matthew had to show people the direction to take and handle the crisis. Things were thick at this time, but Fleeger remained a very busy man. The oil tycoon got busy looking for ways of making energy more efficient. With his experienced engineers and staff at his company, the executive brainstormed great ideas of how the business could reduce its expenses and maintain its members of staff. Fleeger praises his expert team that surrounded him at this crucial hour because they were ready to take all the available options to deal with the crisis. Matthew had to show his brave side even when there were doubts in his mind. Exploring options available in the marketing and keeping an open mind helped the influential leader in his times of hardship and adversities.

Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western got various lessons during the oil recession. Matthew realized that he was more positive and flexible in operations when faced by a major challenge in life. The business guru learnt a lot about a positive attitude in the working place and how it can be contagious to the junior staff. Fleeger had this attitude when other companies collapsed because of the recession. His excellent attitude spread to his juniors, making them feel supported and in the right place. Matthew had major expansion goals when appointed to lead his father’s business. Fleeger went ahead to make various acquisitions because everything was working in his favor during the time. When the oil crisis was on going, the executive had to reduce his expansion plans and work on bringing better sources of energy to consumers. Stepping some of the plans was the best idea for the tycoon. When everything was normal, the company acquired several other institutions. The journey to make Gulf Coast influential has not been an easy one. Fleeger remains hopeful that the industry will continue to embrace technology changes.

Matthew Fleeger