Hold The Avocado Please

I’m all about avocados. They are delicious, creamy, full of good fats that are great for your health, and mild enough in flavor that they fit well in a lot of different dishes. There aren’t too many foods that are equally good in sushi, tacos, and ice cream.


As big of a fan as I am of avocados; I have to say I think it’s time to give it a rest. Just ease off of the avocado gas pedal a little bit. Slow down the avocado freight train. Not every dish needs an excessive amount of avocado.


One avocado dish I see circulating the internet that perfectly expresses our nations current overload on avocado is, ” The Bacon Wrapped Egg Stuffed Avocado“.


It is exactly what it sounds like. An avocado is pitted and pealed; a poached or soft boiled egg is placed inside the cavity. It is then closed back up, wrapped in bacon, and sauteed in a pan until golden; then it is sliced into and the perfectly runny yoke of the egg comes spilling out of the center.


I can understand the initial appeal. First of all: bacon. Bacon is really glorious. There does seem to be some logic in bacon being that magical ingredient that automatically makes a recipe amazing.


Next comes a creamy layer of avocado; this is a pretty thick layer. After that comes the creamy egg white, and finally the creamy egg yolk.


That’s a whole lot of creamy. The only textural contrast you have is the crispness of the bacon, and then you are left wit a mouthful of smooshy, warm avocado followed by smooshy warm egg, and runny yolk.


I’m not a fan of the trendy food term ” mouth feel”, but the mouth feel of this dish frankly is really off putting.


The moral of the story is this: texture matters, and just because it’s trending on social media; doesn’t mean it’s a great food idea.


The next time you are looking for an avocado fix give this recipe for Fried Avocado Tacos a try instead.


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