History of IAP Worldwide Services

Leading facilities management and logistics company IAP Worldwide has established itself as one of the most trusted organizations among the United States government. The company has been providing the American government with valuable assistance in establishing infrastructure in remote locations around the world. IAP Worldwide helps complete a number of tasks for the government such as constructing safe and smooth roads, building energy systems, developing communications systems and also constructing general facilities for basic operations. With all of these services, the government as well as a number of private sector organizations can get the help they need in order to efficiently operate in unfamiliar places.

At the beginning of its existence, IAP was a smaller company based in Irmo, South Carolina. It specialized in a number of logistics and procurement services for a number of companies. However, the company began serving the United States Army during Operations Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia. It would supply generators on a regular basis to the Army. As a result, IAP was instrumental in helping the American military earn a victory during this operation. Since IAP Worldwide did such a satisfactory job for the Army, it then became a trusted vendor of the entire military of the United States. Along with supplying generators, IAP served clients by providing transportation, power generation and disaster relief.

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After providing assistance to the United States military during the 1990’s and early 2000’s, IAP merged with another logistics conglomerate Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. This merger helped IAP become IAP Worldwide Services along with providing more forms of assistance to its government clients. Once it completed the merger, IAP Worldwide would provide assistance such as technical services, base operations support services and also general operations and logistics. By offering more services, the company would develop an even more positive reputation and becoming the top firm it is today. With its success, IAP Worldwide has been able to earn over $300 million in government contracts. Therefore, it is one of the most successful companies in its industry.

Anyone who is seeking employment at IAP Worldwide Services will have a number of options to pursue. One of the most common jobs available is in finance. Individuals looking to work for IAP Worldwide Services can take advantage of positions as a financial analyst. Those who seek employment at this company can also pursue positions such as an information technology systems administrator and a contracts administrator as well. There are also open positions as an air traffic controller too.

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