Hands On Spiritual Guidance: The Kabbalah Way

The National Research Institute of Kabbalah was founded in the 1965 as a Unites States extension of Yeshiva Kol Yehuda, a spiritual guidance center located in Israel. Philip Berg worked alongside Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein at the Israel based institute, and after his death Berg and his wife decided to relocate to the Unites States and establish a Kabbalah Centre in New York City. The Kabbalah Centre headquarters is located in Los Angeles California, and was opened in 1984. Together, Karen and the couple’s two sons Yehuda and Michael serve as center directors, as well as spiritual leaders.
The Kabbalah Centre focuses on educating their student son the the teachings of Kabbalah and helping them gain a better understanding of Hebrew. While some Bible passages are referenced, the Kabbalah Center is not a religious institute, nor do they aim to replace any religion or religious ideologies. Rater than taking the passages in the Bible literally, the Kabbalah belief is that the Bible contains many secret codes to a successful and prosperous life. They also believe that as beings of energy, we should focus on ourselves, and our relationship with and understanding of who God really is. In Kabbalah, God, the most devine, is referred to as Light.

The Kabbalah teachings also focus heavily on Kippot, the belief that each pf us has a personal link or connection to the Light that is hindered the inability for the spiritual energy we may feel to manifest itself in physical form. It is believed that through meditation and upholding Kabbalah laws and practices one can remove this hindrance, and expose themselves and their spirit to the Light. The teachings of Kabbalah also focus heavily on astrology and sex, and before founding The Kabbalah Centre, Berg was an astrologer.

Since opening their doors, The Kabbalah Centre has developed a large following that includes several celebrities such as Madonna, Lucy Liu and Donna Karen.

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