The Growth of Jason Halpern as an Expert in the Real Estate Sector

Jason Halpern is a highly trusted individual in the real estate development business. He started serving the sector years ago through his company, JMH Development. Mr. Halpern has gained sufficient expertise and experience in the industry over the years. He manages his business from its head offices, which are based in Brooklyn, New York. Jason’s background revolves around real estates since his family has been running a construction firm for more than five decades. They have made significant accomplishments, and they include constructing and owning top-notch buildings in the New York and Westchester County. The firm has managed to create a good name in the two regions. Jason’s company is presently leasing out business space in the Westchester County. It has been contracted to establish many modern buildings that are based in various U.S cities. His passion for his work has been the key factor that has influenced his success.


JMH Development has strived to develop a client base and has created an outstanding service provision record. Halpern has ample experience on the needs of various markets, and therefore, his work stands out. His company is dedicated to ensuring that it associates well with the all the clients that it serves. JMH Development’s expertise is broad, and it deals with residential and commercial properties. It also understands different needs of various customers and offers state-of-the-art buildings that match Miami, Brooklyn, and Manhattan’s lavish lifestyles.


Jason Halpern has also been providing monetary contributions to support projects that are crucial to the community. The primary institution that has gained from his charity undertakings is the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. It is currently run by the Westchester Medical Center and has hired highly trained medical personnel. The hospital has a Level 1 Trauma Facility that has enough equipment for sophisticated neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, open heart surgery, and treating people who have dislodged limbs. It also offers medical services to children, burn victims, expectant mothers, and patients who are internally injured.


JMH Development has been offering its support to communities. It has currently joined efforts with a non-profit water organization to supply fresh water to the people of Nepal and Egypt. It funds the project by offering $20,000 for every construction tender that it gets from the Three Hundred Collins. The water program is being constructed by the Splash and Relief Society of Tigray, and more than 650 homes have benefited from it. JMH is striving to grow its charity project to other regions.


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