Who Is Greg Finch And What Procedures Does He Perform

Greg Finch is an Australian orthopedic surgeon. Before we discuss him, let’s talk about two common orthopedic procedures that are performed.


  1. Knee Arthroscopy

This procedure is done to treat problems inside of the joint. An arthroscope is the tool used to perform the procedure. One of the most common types of arthroscopy procedures is a knee arthroscopy.


The surgeon uses the arthroscope to make a small incision into the knee. They insert a camera and then view the inside of the knee joint. They’ll look at the screen to determine what kind of problems are affecting the knee, and if they find anything, then they will use small instruments to correct the issue. This procedure helps surgeons find out if a kneecap is not aligned properly or if there’s a torn meniscus. It can be used to repair the joint’s ligaments.


  1. Bone Fracture Repair

Another common orthopedic procedure is bone fracture repair. If a bone has become fractured, then an orthopedic surgeon will examine it to determine the extent of the fracture. This is to help them figure out whether or not the procedure can be done in one session or if multiple sessions are needed.


The surgeon will use tools, such as metal plates, pins and/or screws to re-positioned the broken pieces of bones. For example, if you fractured your shin bone, the surgeon may use a metal plate and a few pins to re-positioned the shin to where it’s supposed to be. Over time, the fracture should heal and the shin should be back in its correct position.


About Greg Finch

Greg Finch is a highly skilled orthopedic surgeon. He gained his FRACS, short for Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, qualification before spending two years working along side professionals in spin surgery in the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany. He is trained in spinal surgery and he has an interest in minimally invasive spinal surgery.


Greg Finch belongs to a number of professional associations. He’s a member of the North American Spine society, a member of the Spine Society of Australia and he is a fellow of the AOA (Australian Orthopedic Association).


He has an impressive resume, too. Greg Finch currently works at the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health and service. He works there as an orthopedic spine surgeon. Other places Greg Finch has worked at throughout his career includes the Royal Perth Hospital, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and the Shriners Hospital for Children.


Those who feel like they’d benefit from orthopedic surgery can contact Finch. He is one of the best surgeons in the field and he can help you understand the benefits of spinal surgery and if you need it.


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