Frozen Treats For Summer

One of the ways to cool off in the summer heat is to enjoy a frozen dessert. It could be anything from a tall frozen latte in a glass or a bowl of ice cream with all the toppings. Another idea is an ice box cake. The concept is simple, and you can make the cake with any kind of ingredient that you like.


The icebox cake is one that doesn’t require any baking and that is made with wafers that are hidden away between layers of whipped cream and other items, like fresh strawberries or chocolate ice cream. Once the layers are made, you chill the cake overnight so that it’s set when you cut into the dessert. Start your morning right with a caramel latte cake that is full of chocolate slivers, caramel drizzle on top and a base of latte cream that between flaky vanilla wafers. Spread whipped cream on the top before adding the caramel for a cake that tastes like it came from a glass of coffee.


Enjoy a sweet treat with a cookie butter and apricot cake. It has cheesecake for the layers with wafers that have a buttery flavor along with a hint of cinnamon. Apricot preserves are spread on the wafers or shortbread cookies before adding the cheesecake. Crush shortbread cookies to put on top of the cake before adding lines of the preserves. Another idea with the icebox cake is to put it in a small glass jar. Layer all of the ingredients like you would with a larger cake but in a smaller setting. This idea makes the cake easier to enjoy and is ideal for a summer cookout.


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