FreshDirect And Amazon Are Going To Start Accepting Food Stamps

Buying groceries can be a challenge if one lives on a limited income. Fortunately, more families will be able to do their grocery shopping online. FreshDirect, Amazon and many other online stores will start accepting food stamps starting this summer. The U.S. Department Of Agriculture has signed a two-year deal with the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. Families in New York, Oregon, Washington D.C and New Jersey will be able to participate in this program.


Amazon representatives have stated that they are excited to participate in this program. They have also stated that they are committed to making their prices as low as possible. It is important to note that customers will only be able to use the food stamps to pay for eligible food products. Amazon has not decided how it will process payments with food stamps. They do not know whether they will allow customers to pay online or pay in person.


FreshDirect’s service is very limited. In fact, the only customers who will be able use food stamps for Fresh Direct are the ones who live in the Bronx. They are hoping that they will be able to expand to more communities in the future. More retailers will be able to participate in this program in the future.


FreshDirect released a statement saying that they are honored to participate in the program. They believe that everyone should be able to have access to fresh, healthy food regardless of their financial situation. They have stated that this program will have a positive impact on the communities that they serve.


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