Freezer Foods

When you prepare meals for the family, there are a few things that you always want to have in the freezer. These items will help you better plan your menus and can add a little extra to some of your dishes if you’re missing an important ingredient and can’t get to the store.

Pour chicken stock into a muffin tin to freeze small cubes before storing them in a plastic container of freezer bag. This ingredient is ideal for adding to soups and recipes with chicken instead of using a lot of butter or oil. Keep a supply of frozen shrimp on hand. It can be grilled, sauteed or prepared in many other ways, giving you a variety of meals for the week. It’s also an ingredient that you can add to pasta or a salad for a healthier and filling meal.

Bacon is a meat that you should keep in the freezer at all times. Not only is it a good meat to use for breakfast, but you can fry the bacon and use the grease in a number of recipes or wrap meats in the bacon for a smoky flavor. It’s best to divide a large pack of bacon into individual pieces so that they are easier to use when needed instead of thawing an entire pack and then putting it back in the freezer

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