Five Tips for Freezing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

With the summer months quickly approaching, there will soon be an abundance of the freshest and tastiest fruits and vegetables popping up everywhere. Whether you regularly visit local farm markets or you are an avid gardener with a green thumb and plenty of produce to spare, knowing how to keep the season’s bounty tasting great into the cold winter months is both useful and economical. Here are some tips from the experts at and so that you can take advantage of the season’s best.


1 Plan ahead for freezing fresh foods by having a supply of freezer zipper bags as well as freezer safe plastic containers ready. Of both options, freezer bags have the advantage of allowing you to push all of the air out of the bag. Using the bags prevents freezer burn and allows food to last longer.


  1. Separate foods into portion sizes before freezing. When you bag more berries than you need for your recipe you are faced with either finding another way to use the fruit or throwing it away. Measuring amounts before you freeze your produce will help prevent unnecessary waste.


3.Prep the fruits and vegetables so that they are ready to use when you bring them out of the freezer. If you know you want the carrots, you just bought to be added to soup peeling and dicing the carrots before freezing will make enjoying them later much easier.


4.Blanch vegetables before freezing them to assure the best results. Simply drop fresh vegetables in boiling water and allow them to cook for two minutes. Stop the cooking process by immediately putting the vegetables into ice cold water once they are out of the hot water.


5.Freeze berries before you package them. To freeze fresh berries, wash them and gently pat dry. Arrange berries on a baking sheet so that berries are not crushing each other. Place the baking sheet with berries in your freezer until frozen solid. The amount of time this takes will vary. Fruits like apples and pears freeze best if they have been peeled and cooked before freezing.


With a little prep and planning, you can enjoy the freshest tasting fruits and vegetables long after the growing season is over.


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