Dr. Andrea Natale’s Achievement in Pioneering Atrial Fibrillation Treatment

Dr. Natale AndreaHeart-related diseases have risen at an alarming rate. Atrial Fibrillation is among the most diagnosed heart diseases and is becoming more frequent in society. Atrial Fibrillation is a type of heart arrhythmia that slows or fastens the heartbeat rates, a condition that can result in blood clots, heart failure, or stroke. There were underlying challenges and failures to the Afib treatments. However, in the presence of a professional and iconic cardiologist like Dr. Andrea Natale, AFib treatments have turned out successful.

Natale is a renowned cardiologist and a leader in electrophysiology. Natale began his medical education at the University of Florence’s Medical and Surgery School in 1979, in Italy. He also attended the Catholic Unversity of the Sacred Heart’s School of Cardiology in Rome. Natale was the Head of Physiopathology in the Italian Air Forces Department of Medicine. Later, he became the head of Ohio’s Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology department.

Dr. Andrea Natale has dealt with heart rhythm issues for many years. He has been on the front line in the research, innovation, and development of more effective Atrial Fibrillation treatment methods. Natale has also pioneered an Atrial Fibrillation treatment device. He is also the first cardiologist to create a radio-frequency ablation method to treat those that have failed the conventional treatment methods. Still, he developed a Vein-Ablation System by use of Circumferential Ultrasound for effective Atrial Fibrillation treatments. His innovative treatment methods turned out successful on the first Afib patient.

Ryan Wiseman is one of the AFib patients to witness and experience Natale’s treatment success. Ryan underwent four ablations, ten cardioversions, and one surgery. However, all the treatments turned out unsuccessful. However, Natale managed to use a WATCHMAN implant to prevent harmful blood clots from reaching the bloodstream. WATCHMAN implant is the closure of the Left Atrial Appendage to reduce stroke risks. The patient also stops taking warfarin. Through Natale’s successful treatment, Wiseman has resumed his normal activities like running without any worry of falling.

Dr. Andreaa Natale collaborates with other medics around the world. He does not hesitate to share his skills and Afib treatment methods. Natale has spoken in more than 200 symposiums globally to share his medical advancement. He is also a recipient of many accolades and awards, mainly from the patients he attended before. Natale also uses EP-LIVE, a platform that enables real-time event observation. For example, other medics can observe real-time events from the ‘state-of-art laboratories of TCAI’ for learning purposes.