Ever wondered what it feels like to be rich and successful. You have no doubt thought about that beach house in Miami, that Lamborghini parked outside your house, having dinner at those 5-star hotels that you glimpse at when passing by.

Well, if you have half the entrepreneurial spirit that Darien Dash has, you might well be on your way to great success. Even so, don’t beat yourself up yet as we explain some of the key entrepreneurial insights that have made Darien Dash one of the most successful individuals in the country.

As a graduate of Southern California, Darien Dash has been able to apply his technological skills and make money from the opportunities that lay before him. When starting, Darien Dash first ventured into the music career where he owned a Dash recording studio.

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 Even though the business was a success, he looked at many more prospective business opportunities to introduce the internet to the minority African-American and Latino population. He quotes that while 41 million whites were connected to the internet and internet services, only 8 million African-American and Latino individuals were connected to the internet. This great divide saw him take his initial step of bridging this gap.

Real-life situations inspire great entrepreneurial skills. To be a great entrepreneur, you have to be a problem solver. This concept saw Darien Dash start DME Interactive Holdings, a tech firm focused on bringing technological services to urban cities and populations.

The company did so well that it was the first black-owned company publicly traded on Wall Street. Darien Dash hasn’t stopped since; he even indulged in a reverse merger with Pride Automotive (a car leasing company that no longer wanted to be public) just to expand the company’s market potential.

Darien Dash advises that great entrepreneurs are always focused on their goals and are ready to seize any opportunities that might help realize those goals.

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