Advancement in modern-day technology and continued funding of innovations is continually revolutionizing different facets of diverse industries globally. By leveraging the transformative power of emerging technologies to drive innovations, the education industry has benefited immensely from management applications such as ClassDojo. ClassDojo Plus is an advanced version of the application specially designed with the teachers’ input at every development step. It is exclusively made to allow teachers and families to support their kids’ education in a more interactive and hands-on way.

Plus is a premium version accessible on a subscription basis. The company allows users a one-week free trial within which they can decide whether to subscribe. In addition, the application is user friendly and cost-friendly. Parents have the option to select the monthly or the annual subscription and can access this premium version from their mobile devices. ClassDojo Plus has been designed with unique features such as the Home Points that allows parents and guardians to form and correct the behaviours of their kids. Parents can award the kids independent customizable points for any commendable behaviour at home.

Being motivated is a critical part of achieving success. The plus version has a reward feature that enables children to get prizes whenever they accumulate enough redeemable points. With ClassDojo Plus, teachers can post daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports regarding every child’s class performance and progress. Parents can view these reports promptly. The premium version has monster creators with avatars that allow children to advance their design creativity while at home. The feature has customized accessories and expressions that enable kids to create and paint images. The memory feature stores videos, photos and other activities that are reviewable at a future date. However, all other features available on the basic version of ClassDojo are accessible for free by all users globally.

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