Chef Cooking Foods For Cancer Patients

Amy Foote is a chef who lives in Alaska. She provides food to patients who are staying in the Alaska Native Medical Center. She oversees over 3,000 meals per day. Not only does she prepare nutritious meals, but the meals are also healthy. Amy understands that many foods have healing properties. Dr. Gary Ferguson works at the Alaska Native Medical Center. He stated that Amy understands the importance of a nutritious diet.


Amy has been interested in food ever since she was a child. She started cooking and preparing meals when she was six-years-old. Her love of food compelled her to pursue a career in it. She went to Alaska every summer and worked in industrial kitchens.


Amy started off working as a dishwasher. She was able to eventually work her way up to chef. She also met her husband while she was working as a cook.


Amy decided to expand on her food knowledge by going to culinary school. She attended school at Boise University. After she graduated, she worked in hospital kitchens. She thought about going to school to be a social worker, but she thought that a career in the food industry would allow her to exercise her creativity.


Amy uses her creativity to come up with new menu items at the hospital. Beach asparagus and salmon bacon are some of the foods that she serves at the hospital. Amy loves her job because she not only helps people, but she also learns a lot from the people she works with.


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