CEO Ross Levinsohn Guides Sports Illustrated and Maven to New Heights

Ross LevinsohnIn August 2020, respected industry leader Ross Levinsohn was offered the Chief Executive Officer position at Maven. Levinsohn has a 36-year track record of progressively leading the companies that he has worked for to higher levels of success. Maven is a digital media company that delivers essential services to its recognizable clientele. Specifically, it provides solutions for publication, infrastructure and monetization to names like, Ski Magazine, Maxim, The Street with Jim Cramer and other names. Because Maven is in control of Sports Illustrated, Ross Levinsohn also became CEO of this publication in August 2020.

With an established track record of more than 70 years, Sports Illustrated has proven that its business model is successful. However, this did not hold Levinsohn back from identifying an opportunity to modernize its business model. Until recently, advertising has been the primary source of Sports Illustrated’s revenue. Ross Levinsohn added a new income stream when he established a paywall for online content. Specifically, subscribers could now access premium stories and content. They also had early access to standard content. This move blossomed profitability and increased demand for online content.

Ross Levinsohn’s career path started when he graduated from American University in 1986. This path has included top executive leadership positions at several other well-known entities. Yahoo!, Tribune Publishing and Fox Interactive Media are some of the businesses that have benefited from his expertise over the last few decades. Levinsohn has also been an instrumental player at Guggenheim Digital Media, HBO, CBS Interactive and other recognizable companies.