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Sawyer Howitt Provide Timely Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

Sawyer Howitt is uniquely qualified to dispense advice to young entrepreneurs. Those of a younger age who are starting businesses have boundless energy and a resilience that enables them to bounce back quickly. It also allows them to devote an inordinate amount of time to their ideas. Innovation is crucial to business and it fires the imagination of success. Howitt hopes to share some experience to help that energy thrive.

Sawyer Howitt doesn’t recommend endlessly studying something before making an effort to get started. Of course, there has to be a foundation in place, but waiting for the perfect time is a fool’s errand as it may never come. He does recommend that entrepreneurs always be ready to learn. Any business will have a learning curve and require constant knowledge to keep abreast of important developments. The practical sort of learning driven by business needs is invaluable contends Sawyer Howitt.

Employees can make or break a business and they will be needed when an idea starts to pick up steam. Sawyer Howitt recommends not only hiring qualified individuals, but also ensuring they fit in well with the culture of the endeavor. For example, straight-laced business types would never fit in with a laid back Bohemian atmosphere that some establishments foster. When the team is in place and the chemistry is right, make sure you keep them happy says Howitt. Acknowledge excellent performance and hold special events for a good staff is Sawyer Howitt’s advice.

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Maintaining focus is another crucial area which can reap great dividends. Don’t let a continual stream of ideas distract you from the one you are working on getting off the ground. Write them down and keep them for later. This allows efforts to be concentrated in one direction which is critical for new startups.

Knowing the numbers can be yet another critical element which must be in place for a startup to gain legs. The cash numbers immediately spring to mind, start-up costs, inventory, and payroll all have to be taken care of promptly. Key performance indicators must be monitored and swiftly addressed.

Sawyer Howitt has entrepreneurialism running through his veins. David Howitt is the founder and CEO of Meriwether Group, his family has provided him with a strong background on how to build businesses.

Sawyer Howitt tenurity with the Meriwether Group has helped him gain a solid foundation on how to be a successful entrepreneur.

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