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Is Bulletproof Coffee Right for You?

A lot of people drink coffee. However, you may not have heard of Bulletproof Coffee just yet. You can think of it as coffee with a definite kick. In reality, this is not your average everyday coffee drink. It is one that is mixed with specific ingredients and carefully crafted, all with the hopes of producing some very specific health effects that can be positive. Having said that, the jury is still out on whether or not these health effects are actually occurring. Depending on which camp you fall into, you think this is the best thing since sliced bread or you think it is just another gimmick to get people to try something new. The truth is, there are respected individuals that fall into both camps so you will have to give it a try and decide for yourself.

Essentially, Bulletproof Coffee was created by a man named Dave Asprey in 2009. He had spent some time hiking in Tibet and other areas and realized that many of the individuals in that area drink buttered coffee. He decided that it was time to formulate his own recipe and then see how popular he could make it here in the United States. After he worked on the recipe, he put it on a blog and things essentially took off from there.

The coffee is produced by using high quality beans mixed with butter and triglyceride oil. Typically, it involves mixing a cup of coffee with a tablespoon or two of each. This all has to be mixed until it combines nicely, usually until it becomes frothy. It is essentially an uptake on the buttered coffee that is found in Tibet, but this recipe is supercharged.

The claims made by Bulletproof Coffee indicate that this particular drink might provide better mental clarity as well as aiding in weight loss. This is where the debate comes in. No one knows for sure whether or not it can actually improve mental clarity or help you lose weight, but many people do support it and a whole host of professional athletes, business professionals and celebrities have gotten on board with the idea. Many leaders in alternative medicine believe that there is something to the Bulletproof Coffee claims, while practitioners of traditional medicine would like to argue that point.

Whether or not the coffee is actually able to support these claims may be irrelevant. In just a few short years, the company now consists of a store located in California, as well as an operation that employs at least 20 people at a time. Furthermore, more than three million people have become regular customers of this product. What was once just a recipe on the Internet is now a full blown Bulletproof Coffee company that appears to be doing very well for itself indeed. Follow along with Asprey as he makes it in this video.