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George Soros: The EU vs. Putin.

The European Union is under crisis due to the rising number of refugees. George Soros offers a plan that will help solve their crisis and it is made up of the following six components: First, The EU should make provisions to support over a million refugees seeking a haven in their member state. Secondly, Countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan should be offered financial aid as they already have accommodated some of the asylum seekers. Thirdly, there is a need to come up with a single agency that will work to create procedures and laws that will govern refugees to avoid them colliding with the natives. Then they should offer safe channels through which the refugees can move and reach Europe. The fifth component is that the European Union should come up with global standards on how to handle refugees. Finally, the EU should partner with the private sector and NGOs so as to be able to accommodate a million refugees annually.

In his article published on the Project Syndicate, Soros claims that the current refugee crisis is a result of President Putin doings. He asserts further that Putin aims to flood the members of EU with refugees till they cannot handle them. That will eventually lead to the collapse of the EU since it also has internal wrangles. Putin has authorized Russian planes to attack Syrian towns like Aleppo forcing the inhabitants to flee. The European Union currently has sanctioned Russia and their economy too is on the verge of collapsing. If the EU crashes earlier according to Putin, then there will be no more sanctions and Russia will again regain its financial prowess.
George Soros is also known on Forbes for his generous acts over the years. He has offered over $8 billion in his philanthropic acts. His earliest works dated when he supported black South Africans to get a proper education by providing scholarships during the Apartheid. Soros created the Open System in 1979 when he felt that he had amassed enough wealth. The motive of the society is to provide justice for all through a government that is transparent and where all individual rights are respected. George also played a crucial role that led to the creation of an international system that helped to bring transparency and accountability to companies handling natural resources thereby preventing local tyrants from receiving bribes.
He is a graduate of the London School of Economics and has been ranked to be the best hedge fund manager by Forbes. Soros also engages in writings, and some of his greatest works include The Tragedy of the European Union, The Alchemy of Finance, among others. He is also known for his mastery of the money markets where he made the 2008 market crash where most investors did not heed his advice.