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Love Wine and New Career Opportunity? Try Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales company based in Massachusetts that specializes in wine. It offers the work-from-home business opportunity to become a wine guide. Wine guides are responsible for collaborating with hosts to arrange and prepare free, in-home wine tastings. They are also responsible for educating the guests about wine and help them to enjoy them. This can be considered a fun business venture by wine aficionados who want to make a career out of something they enjoy doing. This direct sales model appeals to everyone from stay-at-home moms to retirees looking for part-time jobs.

How the Traveling Vineyard model works is you submit your interest to become a wine guide online and you are assigned to a team leader in your region. The leader will answer all of your questions and addresses your concerns. You will also have an opportunity to shadow them at the wine tasting events if they live nearby, so that you will see exactly how to do the job. The company will send you the Success Kit that will help you with your business. It includes two tasting sets of sample wine each for the first two events and marketing materials. You will have an unlimited access to The Tasting Room, an online training center where you will learn everything you need to know to become a successful wine guide. Afterwards, you start working. Unlike other direct sales models, the Traveling Vineyard model fosters a noncompetitive, supportive environment where the wine guides help one another rather than competing fiercely against each other.

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Some of the benefits of working for Traveling Vineyard are similar to the ones offered by other work-at-home business opportunities. You can control your schedule and decide how many hours you want to work. There are other benefits of working for Traveling Vineyard that are unique to the company. No experience or expertise in wine tasting is required, so anyone is qualified for the position. In fact, the training that the company offers is especially beneficial for those who has no experience. The cost of running this business is very low. The start-up cost is only $189 and there are other costs associated with this sales model, such as running your professional website which is only $15.95 per month. The company pays the website fee for the first three months as part of the perks. Finally, no inventory is required because your job is to market the wine, not selling it.

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Traveling Vineyard has a presence on every major social media platform. There, you can find wealth of information that may or may not be found on the company’s website. Everything, from starting your career to wine pairing cheat sheets, is posted and the social media pages are updated regularly. Out of all the platforms, the Traveling Vineyard Facebook has the most followers with at least 30,000 people following the company.

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