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Fine Wine And Champagne- UKV PLC

Being in wine business can be tricky especially if one does not possess any knowledge about wine or is not a wine expert. It is even more of a daunting task when it comes to choosing of wine in the case of an occasion or ceremony. Thanks to wine companies which make it easy for wine users to choose the kind of wine to use during different events.

UKV PLC is a wine firm which is based in the United Kingdom. The company was established as a fine wine consultant with the primary purpose of assisting their clients in choosing the best wine as well as Champagne for various events. UKV is a Sovereign company, and it has a mandate of consulting and connecting with different wine merchants, brokers as well as traders f or easy selection of Champagne and wine. The wine consulting firm values their clients, and they have made it easy for their customers to contact them anytime, whether face to face or on the telephone.

UKV PLC Group is widely involved in the sale, procurement, and the supply of bonded Champagne and fine wine for both their trade and individual customers. The wine company deals with four categories of wine including Spanish, Italian, Burgundy, and Bordeaux. It is also involved in a collection of wine. Various advantages come with trading with UKV PLC as listed below.

Benefits of UKV PLC
• Investors can acquire the best investment grade luxury wine and champagne
• Traders are also ensured that their orders do not fail.
UKV PLC customers are assured of an opportunity to become part of the company’s marketing team which helps them gain experience and know the wine market.
• The wine company has a committed staff which is trained to guide their clients on wine issues on any occasion.

UKV PLC wine company ensures their customer’s earn a significant amount on the wine sales.

How To Pick Good Wine At Your Local Grocery Store

Wine. It’s popular, it’s trendy, and it’s something a lot of people love. It’s also easier to buy at your local grocery store than you think. Skip the specialty stops and liquor stores, instead, grab a bottle that will tickle your taste buds while you’re grabbing your groceries for the week.

While it is always preferable to head to a wine specialty store, often it’s out of the way, an extra stop in a rushed day, or for some, not even located in your local area. That’s ok though, there are ways to find a delightful bottle while you grab your grocers. First, focus on what you know and love when you drink wine. This isn’t the time to be experimenting with new tastes, stick with what you know you love. If you are always a red wine drinker, this isn’t the time to decide to change to white.

Find wines that come from regions you recognize. If you like wines from a specific area of Sicily or California, find a wine that comes from the same region even if you aren’t familiar with the brand. Generally, regions have regulations posed on the winemakers in the area, this means that something made in the same region as what you really love will have amore familiar flavor.

Know the difference in climates and how they affect flavor. Wine made in a warmer climate is often sweeter and fruitier while that made in a cooler area is often more acidic and tart. This means that wine produced in hot California will have a drastically different taste that wines produced in Oregon where the temps are often cooler with more moisture.

Check the Alcohol by Volume. It’s on every bottle and it gives you a great indication about the wine inside. The higher the Alcohol by Volume the richer the wine. So those who like a stouter and bolder flavor should always choose a wine with a higher volume.

If you are new to choosing wines, don’t worry. You’ll find a great article that outlines the different types of wines and what they generally taste like here. Worst case scenario, you can always add something to help perk up the flavor of a bad wine. For white wines add sparkling water, citrus, sprite, something in that area to tone down the bitterness and add a perk. For red wines, add some Coca-Cola to give it new life.


Some of the Top Wine Vintners in UK

To a wine collector or a wine enthusiast, it is important to know the wine vintners who supply some one’s favourite wines. Such information is important in letting one know more about the wine he or she is buying. Here are the top ten UK wine vintners.
1. Liberty Wines
Liberty Wines imports different brands of wines from over 18 countries. The firm is recognized as a top UK vintner to principle restaurants and retailers in United Kingdom and Ireland. In 2016, Liberty Wines was honoured as Educator of The Year by the International Wine Challenge.
Liberty Wines has also won other awards like Trade Merchant of the Year, On-Trade Supplier of the Year and Best Distributor.
2. Majestic Wine
Majestic Wine is a UK vintner that specializes in brands that are rarely found at most retailers around the UK markets. The wines are sold at a relatively low price. On top of the common brands, Majestic Wines goes a step ahead to introduce new brands in the market.
3. Alliance Wine
Alliance Wine has existed in the wine industry for more than three decades. At alliance wine, one has a chance to taste quality wine manufactured locally and internationally.
4. Bibendum Wine
The Bibendum wine was started in 1982. The company is recognized as a top wine retailer selling more than 5 million cases of wine annually to leading restaurants in United Kingdom. Bibendum Wine has been awarded various honours like Drinks Company of the year and Best Value Merchant.
5. The Guildford Wine Company
Guildford’s wine business has existed in the industry for more than two decades selling a wide range of wines and champagnes. The company provides quality wine brands that have the best taste and at a pocket-friendly price. Unlike most wine companies, Guildford Wine Company gives expert advice to its customers alongside hosting a wine tasting event.
6. Laithwaites Wine
For almost five decades, Laithwaites Wines has been supplying different brands of wine in UK. The company was started by Tony Laithwaite who used to work as a casual in Bordeaux. Despite the humble beginning, the company has grown to become a leading home delivery wine merchant in United Kingdom.
7. Oxford Wine Company
Oxford Wine Company’s parent organization was established in 1840. The company supplies most restaurants in the South of England with over 1500 wine brands. They also run a store where one can purchase a single bottle of wine or more.
8. Bordeaux Vintners
Bordeaux Vintners is UK’s fine wine specialists, specializing in wines from around the world. You can find wines from New Zealand, Italy, and Australia.
9. The Maidenhead Wine Company
For over twenty years, The Maidenhead Wine Company has been supplying wine in the South of England. The company specializes in selling international wine brands acquired from countries like South Africa, Morocco, and New Zealand.
10. Highbury Vintners
Highbury Vintners is an online wine vintner based in the UK. Over 800 wines are sold through the company’s online platform and through mail order service. You can contact Highbury Vintners here.

New Wine Containers Prove it’s Not About the Bottle Anymore

It is no secret that wine has a much more active place in social gatherings and a night at home than ever before. In fact, millenials alone have changed the way that wine is produced, distributed, and consumed. People do not just drink wine in upper class dining situations or pretentious dinner parties anymore. Now, wine is found around campfires and at family barbecues. This new way of thinking about wine has of course inspired new ways of distributing and presenting it.

For years, boxed wine has been the only alternative to traditional bottled wine. While boxed wine used to get a bad rap, a lot of good wines have resorted to using this distribution and packing method to save money and sell larger quantities of wine.

Another wine packaging method that has been gaining popularity is using the aluminum can. Regular cans provide wine drinkers with a single serving of sealed and fresh wine. These cans are convenient for outdoor barbecues or tailgating where beer has been the traditional alcoholic fare.

Kegs have traditionally been a way to store and transport beer. A few wine companies have began selling their wine in kegs. Kegs are a way to provide the drinkers with a fresh product regardless of whether it has been previously opened.

Some of the more unique wine containers are the small box wine- think a juice box with wine- and single-serve wine glasses. The single-serve glasses are available with or without stems.

The new wine containers prove that wine drinking is on the rise. The website, shows all kinds of different wine containers and which companies carry them.

The Antique Wine Company: Article About Famous Wine Merchant

The Antique Wine Company is a wine company that specializes in rare and fine wines. The merchant company is based in Europe, in the city of London. The Antique Wine Company was found in the year of 1983 by Stephen Williams and now has more than 20,000 different clients in 70 different companies. Since the beginning of the company’s founding years, it has specialized in finely produced wine and holds more than 10,000 different bottles of the world’s finest vintage collections in cellars. The merchant company is mostly known for its record breaking collections of events consisting of fine wine. Some of its range of different services include: private wine classes at a mastery level, sourcing of rare wines and proper cellar planning.

With cabinet maker Viscount David Linley, the antique-style wine company has developed and created the Grand Chateau Series. The handcrafted cabinets for wine with intricate models of some of today’s top nine chateaux in Bordeaux contain 18 different bottles, each from its corresponding estate, all of which were produced throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

In 2011, The Antique Wine Company successfully broke the world record on the month of July for selling the most valuable bottle of white wine. The bottle was the Chateau d’Yquem which was sold for £75,000. However, the buyer ultimately plans on drinking the purchase. He has stated that he will not resell it, and that he is not rich, but works very hard and plans on drinking it as that is what wine is meant for.

In the year of 2011, the Antique Wine Company had purchased the very top lot at a wine auction in France. The lot had consisted of 460 litres of red wine.