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New Wine Containers Prove it’s Not About the Bottle Anymore

It is no secret that wine has a much more active place in social gatherings and a night at home than ever before. In fact, millenials alone have changed the way that wine is produced, distributed, and consumed. People do not just drink wine in upper class dining situations or pretentious dinner parties anymore. Now, wine is found around campfires and at family barbecues. This new way of thinking about wine has of course inspired new ways of distributing and presenting it.

For years, boxed wine has been the only alternative to traditional bottled wine. While boxed wine used to get a bad rap, a lot of good wines have resorted to using this distribution and packing method to save money and sell larger quantities of wine.

Another wine packaging method that has been gaining popularity is using the aluminum can. Regular cans provide wine drinkers with a single serving of sealed and fresh wine. These cans are convenient for outdoor barbecues or tailgating where beer has been the traditional alcoholic fare.

Kegs have traditionally been a way to store and transport beer. A few wine companies have began selling their wine in kegs. Kegs are a way to provide the drinkers with a fresh product regardless of whether it has been previously opened.

Some of the more unique wine containers are the small box wine- think a juice box with wine- and single-serve wine glasses. The single-serve glasses are available with or without stems.

The new wine containers prove that wine drinking is on the rise. The website, shows all kinds of different wine containers and which companies carry them.