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Nutrimost Promises Weight Loss While Regaining Their Video From Competitor: Nutrimost

According to a recent article in the, Nurtimost is suing Healthy living for stealing their promotional video and putting it on their site. Nutrimost is a doctor supported diet program that is taking the nation by storm. This program is helping others to lose 20-45 pounds in as little as 40 days. It works without the person feeling hunger or without the person using drugs, meal packaging, or exercise programs. Nutrimost works by controlling a person and their metabolism with a new state of the art technology. “” was ordered to remove the video and cease using the video on their website. They did not remove it fully and are now facing theft and a $300,000 fine.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

Nutrimost offers lots of individual video reports of people that were successful on the program. interviews a lady who lost weight on the program and interviews Dr. Wisniewski an Chiropractic Dr that owns the weight loss program and follows the patients in Conneticut. The woman tells how easy it is to follow the program. She said that she and her husband were doing the program together and each has lost at least 30 pounds.

Nutrimost is successful because of the technology they use to support each individual person and help them to achieve optimal weight loss in 40 days. Nutrimost was introduced in 2014. It works differently for each person by customizing to each person. The NRF tests each person and the technology produces a weight loss goal through measuring their metabolism potential. Each person will lose at a different rate but it is almost guaranteed that each person will lose 5 pounds of fat in the first week.

The great news about this diet is that the weight will stay off. Each person that loses weight on the program can continue to know their metabolism and keep the weight off.