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Securus Technologies Connects Inmates Closer To Families Through Visitation App

Securus America Technologies, an IT firm and software developer has now come out with a visitation app for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. According to PRNewswire, this new app allows prison inmates to have face-to-face communication with non-incarcerated family and friends. Under supervision by the correctional facility administration, inmates are able to get closer to family members and be a part of moments that they might not otherwise get to have.
The app can be easily downloaded from Google Play or the App Store and users can schedule visiting times with the inmate whenever it’s convenient. Visitors are no longer subject to waiting lines and screenings, and can save money on making long trips when correctional facilities are a long drive. In addition to the video visitation app, Securus has developed a lot of other programs that have assisted both inmates and law enforcement agencies.

Since its founding in 1986, Securus has worked solely for correctional departments giving them cutting edge technology both for communications and incident response. Through having fast but highly secure protocols in place, Securus programs are able to quickly deliver mail, monitor phone calls, and deliver voicemail to inmates without jumping through too many hoops. Securus has a large scale infrastructure that can collect data from communications and store it in data warehouses for investigators to look up when necessary.

Securus also uses predictive analytics in monitoring inmates and looking for suspicious activity. Predictive analytics is the tracking of individual behavior and patterns to discover what they may be planning to do next. Securus THREADS uses forms of predictive analytics that can comb through inmate calling patterns, friendships, mail, and other leads that may be important for an ongoing criminal investigation. And when a threat may come from a dangerous inmate, Securus can track the threat and help officials respond immediately to the situation.

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