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Dietitian’s Recommendations on Vegan Diet

If you have heard of the Vegan diet, you probably have had several reactions to it. Some people are fiercely negative. “How do you get enough protein?” they howl, ignorant that protein is found in every food, both plant and animal. Many are simply apathetic, “I know I should look into it, but it sounds boring.” Veganism is basically eliminating all animal products and only eating plant based products in your diet. It is one of the strictest diets you can follow. Vegan dieters eat the way they do simply because they feel it is good for their body and for the environment.


The human digestive system is a network of bumpy and curvy pipes. If you stuff yourself with acidic and low fiber animal products, they will stick to the inside of your gut and rot. That is why the vegan diet is a good antidote to many diseases, including cancer and obesity. Alina Petre, a Sports Dietitian writing for Forbes says that a Vegan diet is challenging, but very rewarding. Petre recommends being a Vegan who maximizes vegetable content. Having half of your dish being vegetables can help you stay nutritionally on track. Petre says that looking up veggie substitutes to your favorite meals (like hamburger) can encourage you as you go Vegan.


President Bill Clinton finally decided to go Vegan after seeing the tragic results of his previous all American diet. Dean Ornish, one of Clinton’s doctors, rebuked the President for ignoring the role his poor diet was playing in his deteriorating health. Clinton listened, and starting in 2010, went all Vegan. Clinton advises using whipped cauliflower as an alternative to mashed potatoes.


If you are curious about the Vegan diet, but do not know where to start, it is helpful to know what you can and cannot eat. You cannot eat meat, dairy, or any animal based foods in the Vegan diet. You can eat all sorts of plant and bean based foods. A bad Vegan diet relies primarily on expensive processed no meat food (like boxed sugar cereal). A good Vegan diet has a ton of vegetables, beans, and simple homemade grains.


Based on Clinton’s experience, you will see many great benefits, including reversal of heart disease, weight loss, and far more endurance in your exercise.