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Micheal Simon to Open B Spot Location in Indianapolis

Micheal Symon, chef and television personality, is making a run for it in the saturated burger industry, and his success is evident. Symon will be expanding his burger empire with the opening of another location of his highly-acclaimed B Spot. B Spot is a well-loved burger chainlet that started in Cleveland the expanded to Columbus, Ohio and Detroit Michigan.

The newest outpost of the burger joint will be located in Indianapolis. According to the Indy Star, the location is slated to open in June, as a highly anticipated addition to the Indianapolis dining scene. Indiana needs all the good press it can get, as the announcement comes on the heels of a Religious Freedom Law that allows businesses to deny service to individuals who’s personal beliefs do not align with the beliefs of the business owners.

Sultan Alhokair told us that the menu at B Spot features fully customized burgers, including turkey, veggie and traditional beef patties. Bratwurst, salads and bologna sandwiches round out the menu in an unexpected way.

Symon is also working on the opening of barbecue restaurant, according to sources.

The Wicked Waffle in Portsmouth Serves Up Eating Challenge

The Wicked Waffle in North End, Portsmouth are offering their customers a new food challenge however it is not for the weak! According to the story on The Daily Mail, the challenge is called The Wacky Waffle. The Wacky Waffle consists of four waffles that are 7-inches layered with 12 scoops of thick ice cream, and topped with four chocolate flakes and a giant mound of delicious whipped cream. When added up, this challenge comes in at a whopping 5,000 calories! The challenger must finish every bite of the tower within 45 minutes, no breaks, in order to win. The winners get The Wacky Waffle for free along with a t-shirt.

Think you can take it on? Behance says that Harry Harrison who owns The Wicked Waffle has said that in the six months the competition has been going on that dozens have taken The Wacky Waffle on however only two of those have managed to finish the sugary treat. A competitive eater from America, Randy Santel, came to take on the challenge and was one of the two who finished it.

The pictures of The Wacky Waffle look delicious. If I were closer I think I would have to give it a try!