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The Man With an Intense Love For History

Michael Zomber is an antique arms and armor expert. He is a renown gun collector and a respected historian. He is an expert on Japanese Samurai. He has gathered his collection of weapons and knowledge for over thirty years. It has been a long and difficult journey he has traveled, but coming from Michael Zomber, it has all been positive and a great learning process. He has written screen plays and novels. He has even appeared on the History Channel as a weapons expert. He has dedicated his life to understanding weaponry and how it has been used throughout history.

With this incredible knowledge of guns and weapons also comes the ugly truth about how it has been used throughout history. Much of this depth of knowledge about war and weaponry has led Michael Zomber to understand the harm and damage it can do as well. He has found throughout his life and some very difficult hardships, that peace is a much sought out way of dealing with conflict. Understanding the long lasting effects of using weapons has encouraged him to take an active part in peaceful organizations that strive to develop more positive ways of dealing with conflict. He is very active in organizations that are dear to him.

A lover of history, he has studied and become a magnificent historian. One can travel through times featured in his books. They hold true depictions of how the human race deals with conflict both here and around the world.  Check out his books on Amazon, or follow Michael for yourself through his Facebook account.