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Top 7 UK Vintners You Need To Know About

The wines from the UK are principally made from imported grape concentrates because of the perverse cold climate in England and Wales. However, the output of from the local vineyards has seen a steady increase in recent years due to warmer summers. The long growing season has also greatly benefited from cool climate, which helps ripen the grapes quietly; thereby preserving the much cherished fresh vine aromas and flavours.

Several wine organizations are at the forefront of promoting the $13 billion a year UK wine industry. The organizations include the UK Vineyards Association (UKVA) and Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA). According to a 2016 excerpt published by UKVA, the nation is home to about 700 vineyards covering over 2,000 hectares. There are also over 120 wineries producing more than 5 million bottles of wines. The 7 leading UK vintners include:

  1. Vintage Wine Gifts – VWG stands out as one of the largest online wine retailers in the UK. The company specializes in selling celebratory, top of the range vintage wine, champagne, cognac and whisky. The products sold by the company are mostly delivered through business addresses and mail courier. The firm is also deeply involved in philanthropy, where it supports efforts to fight teenage cancer.
  1. The Sampler Wine Company – this independent wine merchant offers over 1,500 different types of wine to consumers in the UK and globally. The company’s continued ability to offer excellent products and customer service has seen it bag several national and international accolades from various organizations,
  1. Merchant Vintners ( – With over 50 years in the winery business, Merchant Vintners is one of the largest UK Vintners and wine buying groups. Its business operations span across England and Scotland. The company’s clientele mostly consists of enlisted merchant members.
  1. Viader Vintners – this Cardiff, Wales based vintner was established over a decade ago. Over that period, the Viader Vintners has built a powerful wine distributing network, which has seen it sell wines from 18 different grape growing regions globally. The firm plays host to annual wine tasting events targeting individuals and corporate clients.
  1. Capital Vintners ( – this firm has been in business since 2005. Over the relatively brief period, Capital Vintners has become a leading provider of wine for private collections. The targeted clients include wealthy individual buyers and businesses in the UK.
  1. Halewood International – Halewood is one of the leading UK Vintners as well as distributor of alcoholic beverages. The Merseyside based entity specializes in fortified wines, beers, ciders and spirits. The firm also operates several subsidiaries in South Africa, China and Romania. Halewood International was established in 1978 by John Edward Halewood as Halewood Vintners.
  1. UKV PLC – UKV PLC is epitomized for offering some of the best collections of wine and champagnes in Europe. Besides offering a wide selection of UK wines, the firms also sells wine imported from Spain, Italy and Bordeaux. The experienced staff at UKV are highly knowledgeable on curating fine wine cellars and wine tasting.