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One Top Chef Winner Continues To Expand Into New Places

Top Chef continues to be one of the top rated food related shows on television. Viewers flock to this show that puts some of the nation’s top chefs through their paces. The winner can expect not only a huge monetary prize but massive exposure as well. The winner of season eleven, Nick Elmi, is poised to capitalize on his fame and expand into areas. Fans of the chef’s many skills can visit yet another venture from this determined up and comer.


His Latest Plan


His latest venture is a bar in the Old City section of Philadelphia, one of the hottest neighborhoods in the country. The bar will have a huge dining room that allows fifty people to be seated at one time. There’s also going to be a twenty-five seat bar where diners can enjoy some of his inventive cocktails. He plans to place a large private dining upstairs where diners can hold private parties. The opening is as yet vague. He hopes to have up it and running by late summer or early fall. The menu has also not yet been decided. Watchers expect that it will include a mixture of varied smoked meats and cheeses known as charcuterie as well as a selection of raw seafood that diners can choose to have turned into their own personalized dish.


Other Area Eateries


The new bar is joins his other ongoing spaces in this part of Philadelphia. Laurel is one of his popular restaurants. It offers French / American classics in an intimate setting designed to call to mind a Paris bistro. Several kinds of menus are available at Laurel. The popular tasting menu offers innovative items such as frozen foie gras tart with elderberry vinegar and octopus confit with hearts of palm and crispy shallots. His other restaurants range across many types of cuisine and showcase his wide ranging talents. Diners can sample the freshest sushi at Royal Izakaya. They can also try out Cantina Los Caballitos and Triangle Tavern in the immediate area. His other ventures in the Philadelphia area are Khyber Pass Club, Royal Tavern and Cantina Dos Segundos. His newest restaurant should help continue to draw in those who want to try something new and impressive from this rising young star.